Laurie's Closing Message For 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, I look back at what we've accomplished because of your partnership and participation in our global mission to educate and activate Christians, Jews and all people of conscience to stand against the rise of the global hatred of anti-Semitism.

As a result of our global outreach through the broadcast of our award-winning program Focus On Israel, on DAYSTAR and GOD-TV, PJTN's achievements have included:

  • The launching of our first International PJTN Chapter in South Africa in 2019 
  • Celebrated as Ohio became the 12th state to adopt Tennessee's anti-BDS resolution
  • Launching the "Ignite the Torch for the Next Generation" initiative to inspire the next generation of media and communication students to take this critical message to their generation.

However, as we look forward to 2019 and the challenges it will bring in fighting this age-old hatred, we are faced with a shortfall of $147,000 as the final days of 2018 approach. That it is why I am contacting you today.

A Leap of Faith

In 2009, after completing the production of our award-winning documentary, The Forgotten People, Christianity and the Holocaust, we were faced with a similar situation.  We needed to raise $12,000 to launch our media campaign.  We held a screening of the film at a local church in Nashville.  Following the screening, and during the offering, I shared our dilemma with over 500 people in attendance.  I told the gathering of Christians that during my time of prayer earlier that day, the LORD told me that there was someone in the audience who could write the check for exactly $12,000 and I shared that testimony with the audience.  It was a huge leap of faith for me to say that I had heard from the LORD, but I knew I needed to say what I did.  The scriptures say, "you have not, because you ask not."

When the funds were gathered following the offering and my team counted the amount contributed, there was one check in the amount of $12,000 in the basket!  The next morning, I contacted the couple who made the donation and asked them why they wrote the check for the amount I needed.  They told me the story of how they were saving their money to purchase an antenna for their property in a rural county in Tennessee.  The amount they needed to purchase the antenna was $12,000 and they had saved the money, and it was in their account.  She said that when I made my plea of our need of exactly $12,000, she turned to her husband and said I believe the LORD is telling me that we need to give the money to PJTN to help fight anti-Semitism.  But she told her husband that she would not do it, if he was not in agreement.   He told her how he too, felt the nudging of the LORD to give it to PJTN, and they did.  I do not know how The Almighty has blessed them for that sacrificial gift that night, but I'm sure they were able to purchase the antenna and more because of their obedience.

I'm contacting all of our PJTN Watchmen around the globe today to share with you our need.  

This time, we need $147,000 to pay for our broadcast time on DAYSTAR and GOD-TV.  As I was praying to the LORD last week about this need, He spoke to me very clearly and said there is a man who has been tuning into our program every week and he can write the check for exactly the amount you need covered.  I believe that man will receive this email and when he reads it, he will know that he is the one to cover this expense because The Almighty has already been speaking to him.

Ladies and gentlemen, God called me to proclaim justice to the nations on Israel's and our Jewish brethren's behalf in 2003 through our award-winning media.  Each year, 52 episodes of our Focus On Israel program costs PJTN $260,000.  The broadcast time on DAYSTAR and GOD-TV costs as much.  I wish I had the time to share the testimonials of the Christians and Jews who have been impacted by our message.  That is why I need your help today!  The clock is ticking as 2018 draws to a close.  I'm asking you, our faithful Watchmen, to help me with your most generous year-end gift.  I know the LORD will show you exactly what amount to contribute and it will be sufficient to help us fulfill this God-ordained mission.  Your donation does not go unnoticed by the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for we know that He who watches over Israel neither slumbers, nor sleeps.

On behalf of our whole PJTN family, we want to thank you for your generosity and your willingness to not keep silent at this crucial time in history.


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I pray that the LORD bless you with health, prosperity and great joy in the year to come!



Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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