I have had the opportunity of being in DC this week for meetings with key members of Congress to educate them on the crisis we are facing with the education of our children.  Like so many Americans, those elected to represent us, in too many cases, are totally in the dark on the level of indoctrination and anti-American bias that has infiltrated our children’s classroom—and this is only the tip of the iceberg.  I previewed for these leaders a summary of a white paper report and am calling for the House and Senate Education Committees to conduct hearings on the indoctrination and propaganda being peddled to America's schoolchildren with the support of the federal government. 

My mission unfolded for them an alarming panorama of which few were aware.  The inclusion of anti-American, antisemitic and anti-Judeo/Christian, as well as an increase of biased, unconstitutional pro-Islam values in our children’s instructional materials K-12 has been identified as a strong link in fueling the alarming rise of anti-American sentiments and antisemitic actions such as BDS and increased hostility towards Jewish students being witnessed on secondary school campuses.  I challenged them that changes must be addressed.  Standards must be re-evaluated and greater public input and transparency must be implemented in the textbook/curriculum review process.

Questions must be asked of those in power.  How does a program as insidious as “Access Islam,” a program in which American children are required to pray the Shahada prayer declaring belief in Allah and acceptance of Muhammad as God’s prophet, be allowed to be taught in the same classrooms where Judaism is not recognized in curriculum as a world religion and bibles are not allowed?  This same program encourages conversion to Islam.  All while parents remain woefully uninformed and silent and the educational system allows access.

PJTN has assembled a team of top experts across multiple disciplines who over the past two years have exhaustively researched, investigated and subsequently developed a comprehensive report. Addressed in this white paper is an alarming overview of the growing issues of biased and inaccurate curriculum and instructional materials being used in the instruction of our children in the classroom settings across America.

Over the past several years, PJTN has initiated highly successful grassroots campaigns for the reform of educational materials in Florida, Ohio, Massachusetts, California and Texas. The organization was active in effectively mobilizing parents and citizens across the 50 counties in the state of Tennessee through a statewide initiative to alert parents to the content in their children’s curriculum.  The Tennessee State legislature subsequently abolished the existing Tennessee Textbook Commission and introduced a new Commission with greater public input and transparency in the textbook and instructional materials review process.  The revamp included the entire process of the way in which instructional materials were adopted and approved.  An outcome of effective change in Tennessee led the state to re-evaluate their standards for history, geography and social studies in 2014.  They are currently reviewing textbooks for the 2019-2025 school years with new guidelines in place.

This week was only our opening volley with Washington.  PJTN’s message will be heard throughout the corridors of power and into the chambers of the White House.

Your support makes every mission possible.  

We are in a very real war for the social, moral, spiritual and political minds of our next generation of leadership in America.  The battlefront is the classroom and, America, as we know it, hangs in the balance. It is a war for the future of our children and our children’s children and generations to come.  It’s a war that we cannot afford to lose. 


Thank you for your prayers!




Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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