“I am committed in my role on this Commission to serve the best interests of Tennessee’s children and their parents who desire quality in their education.”

(NASHVILLE, TN) –April 12, 2021 –Laurie Cardoza-Moore has been confirmed to serve on Tennessee’s Textbook & Instructional Materials Quality Commission   following hearings in Nashville before the State House and Senate. 

A long time voice of advocacy for educational standards, her name was brought into consideration for confirmation to the Tennessee Textbook & Instructional Materials Quality Review Commission by Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton. 

She noted in hearings yesterday (31) before the confirmation Committee, “My goal is to join the Commission with my full and tireless commitment to the vision of making Tennessee a “gold standard “in education for our children and a model for the rest of the nation to follow.”

Laurie Cardoza-Moore is the Founder and President of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, (PJTN), and a 501-3c, a national advocacy organization based in Franklin, Tennessee

Her history of activism in Middle Tennessee has not been without controversy.

Cardoza-Moore’s  widely reported  grassroots campaign for the removal of culturally biased textbooks in Williams County followed by her call –out for support against the building of the Islamic Center in Murfreesboro in 2012, brought strong opposition to her current appointment. A major campaign by organizations including the American Muslim Advisory Council had tried to block her seat on the Commission. 

In contrast, Rabbi Pesach Lerner, president of the nationwide Coalition of Jewish values, noted in a letter of support to the Commission: “Laurie Cardoza-Moore’s concern for children’s education goes back years and it is thanks to her efforts that a textbook which minimized and even justified antisemtic terrorism is not now being used today to indoctrinate Tennessee children. We believe the children of Tennessee will all benefit from her work on the Commission.” 

She noted in the hearing on Wednesday:

“Many of you know the history of my involvement with education in Tennessee. As a home schooling mother of five, my original “wake-up call” to the state of America’s educational system came in the early 2000’s in the discovery of anti-American, antisemitic content being used in the classrooms of Williamson County. This revelation of the seeds of indoctrination our children were being exposed to launched my quest to bring awareness and change through every avenue I could reach—from local grassroots rallies of concerned parents up to and including shining the lens of national media on the ills of content found in our children’s textbook materials nationwide. It was the beginning of my full awareness of the depth of the challenge at hand.”

The Textbook Commission in the State of Tennessee is comprised of 16 members. It oversees the official list of textbooks and instructional materials recommended for use in the state’s classrooms.

“Serving on this Commission is both an honor and an entrustment of great importance to me,” she noted. “Those given this privilege, hold the potential of influence over the ideological, social, moral and civic minds of American’s next generation.  Before us is a mandate. An opportunity to help ‘turn back the tide’ on the negative forces of disinformation that have invaded our children’s curricula for decades. We hold the commitment to ensuring that Tennessee textbooks and instructional materials are historically accurate, unbiased and reflect the diverse values of the citizens of the state.”

She added in closing remarks at the confirmation hearing:  

“I am committed in my role on this Commission to serve the best interests of Tennessee parents in their desire of assuring the best quality education for their children—an education that will allow them to flourish in our changing world. I will vow to help insure, protect and enrich America’s next generation of leadership:  Our children. Our future leadership begins with the quality materials given Tennessee’s children within their classrooms.”

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