Labour Has A Massive Antisemitism Problem, It Isn't Going Away, And Only Action Will Tackle It

Labor_has_antisemitism_problem.jpegWhen Labour Against Antisemitism (LAAS) was founded earlier this year it did so with the conviction that antisemitism is a clear and present threat to the Labour Party’s moral, ethical and political integrity. Our aim of exposing antisemitism within the party has led to more than 6,000 examples of ‘antisemitic sewage’ being submitted to the party compliance unit, some so horrific activists have been reduced to tears.

The compliance unit, under-resourced as the party membership has swollen to 600,000 members, has struggled to cope under the strain. Although it has recruited recently, more content is being sent across every month and the crisis shows no sign of abating. The National Constitutional Committee (NCC), which decides on disciplinary rulings, has been unable to convene panels to hear cases, and the backlog has led to questions overs its capacity to function effectively.

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