As we approach the Jewish High Holy Days as a voice of leadership in America’s war on antisemitism, I am again challenging other Christian leaders to join forces with me in exposing the growing problem of antisemitism among Christians.  And I am voicing that challenge this weekend.

Just last month, a 77 year old Orthodox priest in the Canadian providence of Nova Scotia made international news when he was forced to resign from his long time post at his church after giving a sermon about the importance of honoring the Jewish roots of Christianity and praying for Israel.  In dismissing him, his Archbishop wrote: “You must leave because of the Jewish twist in your ministry.”

Father Vladimir Tobin refused to ignore the antisemitism he saw in the Christian church.  His grandmother was Jewish and he earned a doctorate degree at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University.  He had visited Israel in the spring of this year, making his first return to the Holy Land since graduating from university more than 40 years ago.  About his forced retirement after so many years of faithful service to his congregation, he said: “My determination grew to teach that Christianity grew from Judaism.  My own theology recognized a faith that started with Abraham.”

Father Tobin is a true modern day “hero of the faith” being persecuted for righteousness sake in the war being waged against antisemitism in Christianity.

There exists a ‘cone of silence’ among Christian leadership in America to admit churches are not preaching biblical truth on Israel and the Jewish people.  Quite the contrary, they are teaching lies.  The biblical truth has been replaced with a widespread teaching called “Replacement Theology”—a teaching that the Church has replaced Israel as the Chosen People, leaving Israel rejected by God.  It’s a false teaching that has given birth to a foundational “theology of hate” that's been used to great advantage by those espousing hatred in the name of Christianity.  How can this be?

Research cited by PJTN has found that millennials (born between 1977-1995) show “significantly less support for Israel than their parents' and grandparents' age demographic. Support further weakens for younger generations now on American college campuses where liberal leftist philosophies espouse social justice and the promotion of the plight of the Palestinian people, while Israel is painted as an aggressive occupier in their own homeland.  Parents that nurture and teach Christian values to their children are too often horrified to find their hard earned dollars saved for college being used for the purchase of “Support BDS” signs being carried by those same children in anti-Israel college campus demonstrations.

PJTN is on the frontlines of this battle.  We are aware of the seriousness we are facing with antisemitism on the rise in America at an alarming rate as seen almost daily in national headlines.  Just last week on the anniversary of 9/11, national headlines were made on the campus of UT-Knoxville where student graffiti saying “Jews Did 9/11” referred to a preposterous internet plot proposing that Israelis took down the Twin Towers and shifted the blame to Islamic terrorists.

A frightening reality is emerging in American Christianity. Christian leadership must speak up against this new vile pattern of hatred we see growing around us.

I will be speaking on this very subject this coming Saturday as part of the “Understanding The Times” conference being held in Eden Prairie just outside of Minneapolis.  Near the very heart of Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic home base, top Christian leaders and an expected audience of 5,000 participants will be gathered to seek God and seek answers in breaking the rising spirit of hatred in America.  I will be speaking on “replacement theology” and praying to open the ears of all who can hear my voice.  I will be challenging Christian leadership.

And my voice will be heard.

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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