Like many Christians and Jews around the nation, I was saddened over the weekend by the tragic loss in Minnesota of Adas Israel Congregation’s synagogue, located for more than a century as a centerpiece of Duluth’s Jewish community.  Though the structure was completely destroyed, the congregation’s commitment to rebuild is already proving to be an inspiration and yet another example of the resilient spirit of the Jewish people.  While a tragedy in the loss of property, we can be prayerfully grateful it was not a Jewish hate crime, as first suspected.  The synagogue burning was a haunting reminder to me of my readings and the photos I’ve seen of “The Night of Broken Glass”—the Kristallnacht—that happened during the wave of pogroms in Germany in 1938.  We must continue to say loudly, “Never Again!” in our generation.

Unfortunately, antisemitism has lived on.

With spray paint emblazoned in red on the famous “rock” that is the centerpiece of their campus, the words “Jews Did 9/11” and the reference to a Google site that proposes an Israeli plot to bring down the Twin Towers and subsequently frame Islamic terrorists for the tragedy, made headlines at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville last week during the 9/11 remembrances.  This on a campus that continues to harbor a very real danger towards their Jewish students.

UT-Knoxville is a multiple repeat offender of virulently antisemitic outbreaks that have reached national attention.  The activities of students on campus responsible for such acts have for too long gone inadequately investigated and the perpetrators left unidentified and unpunished.  PJTN has filed a demand for accountability with the Chancellor of UT-K.

This incident is yet another sobering reminder of the crisis on our college campuses.  We have, to the potential our own future destruction, raised a generation of American children post 9/11 who have, through revisionist curricula (fueled by Middle Eastern money proliferating in the world of textbook publishing) too often been afforded no historically correct teaching from their classroom studies on why the buildings fell, what origin of hatred piloted the planes, and who, in the aftermath can be blamed.

In the era of Ilhan Omar and “some people did something” we are facing the potential loss of our next generation of American leadership to an education system that fails to educate on American history and values, but is capable and successful in fostering a new generation of hatred for Israel and the Jews.  That college level students on the UT campus would associate the Jewish people as the cause of 9/11 is both ignorant and reprehensible in the level of hatred displayed—but tragically not surprising.

While America has watched, the influence of the ideology of Islam has gone from the cockpit of planes to the college campuses of America and the Halls of Congress.  What’s next to fall?

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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