Is Omar's Anti-Semitic Worldview A Result of Her Religious and Cultural Background?

As I admonished last week, “we can no longer remain silent…”

PJTN did anything but remain silent last week…we went both “vocal and visual.”

Our marching banner into the annual convention of National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) in Anaheim was the PJTN poster you see here. A literal “unwanted poster” of individuals who through their actions, anti-Semitic/anti-American worldviews, and expressed motivations have proven themselves to be enemies of the American values we cherish.  To say this poster was “controversial” to the collective—many of whom in media who have for too long remained silent, would be an understatement of colossal portions!

Click to download and share this poster in your world of influence on social media.

As I posed the question at our NRB press conference: “Will we rise to the challenge and face down those who seek to destroy our liberties as fascists attempted to do 85 years ago” …the very faces of hatred displayed by Omar and her posse of like-minded antagonists who regularly rail out against all that is America, stared back at us from this poster.  A chilling reminder:  We have enemies in high places.

I saw the danger we face summarized best in a recent article.  It read in part regarding Omar: 

“Her antipathy towards Jews, disgust with the U.S., and conspiratorial worldview are entirely products of her religious and cultural backgrounds.  Any criticism of her is automatically an attack on all women, all ‘people of color,’ and all Muslims.  Therefore, she can and does say anything at all, with near impunity.  And with support from CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood’s arm in the U.S., she is linked to that organization’s global aims, if not methods.”

PJTN has:

  • Petitioned Speaker Pelosi to remove Omar from Congress in view of her associations Muslim Brotherhood front groups and anti-Semitic views against Israel and the Jewish people
  • Two weeks ago, we petitioned Attorney General Barr to launch a full and thorough investigation into Ilhan Omar’s ties to these nefarious groups and her fundraising activities for CAIR and Islamic Relief USA .
  • Respectfully petitioned President Trump at our annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention press conference to charge the office of Attorney General Barr to execute our request for an investigation at the highest levels.

We have gone to the top. We have reached major media globally.  Now we are going deeper and wider into the “grassroots” to wake up those who are STILL unaware of the danger America faces.  We must not remain silent and let those who hate America also be those that represent us and hold the power of influence on the future of the country and the liberties we cherish.

If you haven’t already –please go online and sign PJTN’s petition demanding the removal of Omar from Congress.  You can join the more than 26,000 who have already signed our petition at

No American should sleep soundly tonight knowing Omar sits on the prestigious Foreign Relations Committee, privy to national high level security clearance and intelligence and advance knowledge on the course of our country’s global relationships—including those with Israel.  Share this email in your world of influence on social media.  Help us fulfill PJTN’s mandate to be “watchmen on the wall” –you can join us at

Scripture tells us: “If the sentinel notices that violence is approaching, but does not sound an alarm, then because the nation does not take warning and the sword arrives and destroys their lives because of their guilt, I will seek retribution for their shed blood from the one who was acting as sentinel.”   These high-powered words are those of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Ezekiel 33:6.

We cannot afford to remain silent in the face of evil—not on our watch!  

Please consider your best donation to PJTN today. Your support makes all we do possible.

Thank you for your prayers…



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