Is NYT The Modern Day Der Stürmer?

"Because they hated knowledge and did not chose the fear of the L-rd." Proverbs 1:29 

The “true colors” of the New York Times are shining right through the black and white on their pages. 

In the same window of time as the San Diego Chabad shooting, what we’ve just witnessed with shock here in America is the publication of anti-Semitism of the highest order in the form of not one—but two—vilely vivid hate cartoons that provoked not political humor, but national and international outrage.  With this choice of content to publish,  the NYT has made an egregious descent into the dark realm reserved for the official newsstand trumpet for everything anti-Semitic during the Holocaust era – Der Stürmer.  Easy to visualize NYT subscribers A. Hitler and J. Goebbels sharing a wicked laugh at this “humor” over their morning coffee.


What isn’t funny is that the “dominoes” of anti-Semitism across America are starting to fall more and more rapidly – gaining momentum as they free fall.  It’s now no longer necessary for those who hate the Jews to hide behind a mask.  As anti-Semitism drips drop by drop into our daily lives and culture—social media, entertainment, politics, social discourse, newspaper cartoons – modern day persecution of our Jewish brethren is moving steadily into becoming the accepted norm.  Like the proverbial frog in the pot, a word of warning to concerned Christians, Jews and all people of conscious who aren’t looking: the water is being turned up and the pot is bubbling.  

PJTN is today calling for the New York Times to fire the editor responsible for the publication of the vile content published.  Their apologies have fallen short thus far, as did their excuse that the decision to run the content in question came from someone in lower levels of their publication who simply flipped a wrong switch.  PJTN will call it what it is: Unfathomable that an editor could accidentally publish a third party cartoon, unaware of its toxic message.  Furthermore, it came from a cartoonist with a long history of outrageous Jew Hatred.  We cannot stand quietly as one of America’s most well-known newspapers descends into the realms of Nazi-style propaganda.

I encourage you—and all PJTN Watchmen—to make your voices heard until the LAST anti-Semite has left the building at the New York Times.

The need to fight anti-Semitism on all levels is staggering as day by day “drip by drip” new threats and realities emerge: A shooting at the Chabad in California, the fall of the New York Times, the political discourse against Israel, the anti-Semitism being force fed to our children on K-12 and college campuses.  I look at incoming messages in my morning emails over just the past few days and I could easily be overwhelmed, but I am committed as never before.

Thank you for standing with PJTN — we need your support! 

With a small team, we are pushed to allocate time and energy where it is most needed in the war against anti-Semitism on a daily basis. But in the midst of it all, I am continually encouraged by your messages and your financial support to continue to take the message of PJTN where it is most needed:  Everywhere.





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