Is Holocaust revisionism growing in Florida schools?

I am in Florida this week for meetings and a speaking engagement when I found myself unexpectedly at “ground zero” on a breaking story of outrageous antisemitism and historical revisionism within a local Florida school district—a matter so egregious PJTN took the story both national and global this morning.

We were first on the ground in demanding the immediate resignation of William Latson—Principal at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, a school with a significant Jewish enrollment and an educational institution he was entrusted to oversee—who had the impudence to tell a parent concerned with the education of their child, “not everyone believes the holocaust happened.”

Within hours of PJTN becoming involved, news came across the media wire that the ensuing outrage the exposure of this incident generated has today brought the local School District to remove him from the principal’s office for “re-assignment.”  

We will not settle for “re-assignment.”  We are demanding his total removal.  This man must not be moved to a new job that will remotely at any level interact with the administration of education to Florida children going forward.”

This is but one example of being able to extinguish the insidious fires of antisemitism and Holocaust revisionism that are smoldering in local school districts all over America.  Not only was the principal in violation of Florida state law, but he is lending legitimacy to those who are revising history about the atrocities of the Holocaust which is unacceptable!

Last month, thanks to the courageous stand and leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, groundbreaking legislation was signed making antisemitism illegal in K-12 curriculum and higher education, and establishing a law requiring Holocaust denial be deemed illegal.   

William Latson puts a face to the deep problems PJTN is daily working on to expose historically inaccurate and biased textbooks in American education that do not reflect our Judeo/Christian values.  When an educator is incapable of defending documented history - he has crossed the line and has become a threat to our children, our communities and the future of this nation.  His actions legitimize the outrageous claims by marginalized groups that the Holocaust didn’t happen or wasn’t as bad as history claimed.  Even how he wrote the word “holocaust” in his email communication to the parent using lowercase “h” instead of the accurate grammatical choice of capital H is quite telling.  He cannot say that his choice of words was not intentional.” 

“This battle against antisemitism is both national and international, but it is here in our communities where we feel its impact the most.  And every local victory has its heroes.  A good example is here in Palm Beach County, it was District 3 School Board member Karen Brill who messaged me yesterday about the incident here in Florida and had this to say:

"Laurie, as a member of the Jewish community, words cannot express how shocked and appalled I was over the comments made by Principal Latson.  The Holocaust is a historical fact and its teaching is mandated by Florida law.  It is not optional for school leaders, teachers or students to participate in the teaching about the Holocaust  -- it is REQUIRED.  There is a large Jewish population at Spanish River High School and the trust has been broken.  An apology will never erase the damage caused by the Principal's words nor should it.  At a time when antisemitism is on the rise, the atrocities of the Holocaust, the deaths of millions, must NEVER be denied, minimized nor forgotten."

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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