Is Anti-Semitism In A Neighborhood Near You?

In immediate response to the outpouring of outrage we have heard from concerned citizens, both Christians and Jews in the state of Ohio as well as nationally . . . 

PJTN has today taken a leadership role in filing a formal document with the State Medical Board of Ohio with the demand that the medical license of Dr. Lara Kollab be permanently revoked. 

The official complaint has been filed by PJTN General Counsel Michael Goldstein, a respected attorney who bases in Ohio and serves as Director of PJTN for the state.  PJTN filing notes our demands “are grounded in the doctor’s breach of osteopathic ethics, a breach so grievous and unredeemable as to disqualify her from continuing to hold a license to practice her profession…”

By now the national news has widely bannered what anti-Semitic ground forces uncovered in plain view on social media: The horrific, anti-Semitic rants of a woman working as a resident at a Cleveland Clinic and threatening to use her practice of medicine to harm Jewish patients and “people who support Israel.”   She went on to post:  “People who support Israel should have their immune cells killed so they can see how it feels to not be able to defend yourself from foreign invaders.”  Frightening?  That threat could be for you, a friend of PJTN reading this email.  Vile and violent intentions such as these are unfortunately, not isolated and rare in today’s volatile climate of rising anti-Semitism.  Who would’ve thought in recent memory that eleven innocent Jewish people in Pittsburgh would be massacred in their place of worship on a quiet Saturday morning here in America?

PJTN has been intensely committed with forces on the ground in Ohio’s fight against anti-Semitism for the past two years.  We were at the heart of the December 2018 passage of Ohio Resolution HCR-10, which condemns the BDS Movement.  HCR 10 expresses the policy of Ohio’s support for our ties with the state of Israel in many specific ways.  It became a reality through our success in educating Ohio by shining intense light on the problem of anti-Semitism.

PJTN’s job is only begun when light is shone into the darkness.  The real battle is waged in educating against the seeds of prejudice and hatred before they can take root.

We are at the forefront on the frontlines and in the headlines in effectively fighting the battle against anti-Semitism in this generation, wherever that age-old enemy is found-–be it in a hospital in Cleveland or a synagogue in Pittsburgh—or maybe next—in a neighborhood near you.

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Praying you will join us!


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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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