Directing our children safely through the landmines of the American school system grows increasingly as an agenda not for the faint of heart.

Again this week, news comes from the “land of Omar” of “equity surveys” being conducted in Minnesota schools.  This is coming directly from the playbook of Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, whose organization—complete with its proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood—sells its services of “focusing on bias recognition, education, and training” to local school districts.

For his work in the Minnesota school system, a Khalifa manifesto was presented to teachers to recognize and handle bias in the classroom. “Islamophobia & Christian Privilege: What Educators Must Know” was the outcome teachers were given as a mandate.

Teachers were told:

  • “Recognize that Islamophobia is one of the most widespread, rapidly growing and tolerated types of oppression in school today.
  • Create anti-oppression policies that protect the rights of Muslim students.
  • Identify practices of “Christian privilege”—major Christian holidays off, Sundays off and Christian trappings in school
  • Discuss with your staff how you have been complicit—directly or indirectly in Islamophobic practices.
  • Recognize that Islam is not a religion in the sense of faith from other aspects of life; it is a way of life.

A perceptive note from a PJTN Watchman this week gave me hope that our message is truly resonating.  She wrote, “This report assumes systemic and/or implicit racism is fundamental to American society so teachers naturally are guilty.  By singling out Islam as a lifestyle and not a religion, separation of church and state is not violated when discussing Islam as opposed to discussing Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.”

Bringing this man into the fabric of American education is an outrage!  His association with an avowed organization that espouses antisemitsm while underscoring pro-Islam is beyond outrageous.  In a world where a school district would be banned from bringing in a Christian fundamentalist group to affect curriculum at taxpayer’s expense, how can this travesty be happening in Minnesota?

The better question:  When is this rabidly biased indoctrination coming to a school district near you?  In the age of Ilhan Omar, what’s next? If you haven’t already, go to the PJTN website and add your name to the more than 40,000 who have signed our petition to have Omar removed from Congress.

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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