In Our Generation

  • The same spiritual animosities warring against Israel are equally opposed to Christians and Jews and are bent on bringing persecution—and death—to both.
  • A generation has arisen that denies the very existence of the Holocaust and the same vile seeds from which it grew only a generation ago—have taken root all over the world .
  • Scripture tells us in Revelation 11 that two witnesses will be put to death in Jerusalem at the very end of the age—these two witnesses who have stood for God through history—are the Jews and the Christians.
  • The hostilities seem boiling in the Middle East—and globally—are targeted at both Jews and Christians because there is a spiritual warfare in the world that is against God—a war that we must be armed and ready to defend Israel and our Christian values against.

We have a mandate:

  • A biblical assignment and a divine calling:
  • Stand in faith for Israel.
  • Intercede with expectancy.
  • Support with belief in God’s promise of reward for your faithfulness.