How Will You Spend Your $1...?

As you’ve probably noticed, the power of the dollar isn’t what it used to be…

In this season of gift giving, how will you choose to spend your $1…?

  • In Los Angeles—$1 will buy you 10 minutes of parking time on the meter while you shop.
  • You can buy a $1 coffee at McDonald's to warm you up in the Midwest.
  • One song can brighten your shopping rounds for $1 at iTunes.
  • A downloadable book can be sent your way as a stocking stuffer for $1 from Kindle.

At PJTN, each $1 buys an important share in our global broadcast time.

Your $1 investment in Focus On Israel gives you a guaranteed portion of the blessing God promises in His word to “bless those that bless Israel.”

Through our broadcast on media partners like Daystar Television and GOD TV, we have the capability of reaching more than 2.6 billion viewers.  We have the potential of educating, motivating and activating a new generation of hearts and minds that can be shown the light of God’s truth in the midst of the dark pull of the alarming “new rise” of anti-Semitism we’re witnessing in America and around the world.

We offer unlimited $1 shares in our investment at PJTN.  Best of all--you have the promise that the God of Israel ‘who neither slumbers nor sleeps' will personally honor your gift of support!

Your $1 is urgently needed!

It costs PJTN tens of thousands of dollars each month to produce and distribute our programs to our ministry partners for broadcast.  We are behind in giving amounts this year and urgently need to make up the shortfall!

Please consider joining us in our efforts to raise awareness and provide action in standing against anti-Semitism in our generation! You can become a PJTN Watchman for a donation of as little as $20/month – less than the cost of your morning coffees for a week.  Consider underwriting our important programming with your tax deductible end of year gift—you can get all details online at  

Remember—your tax deductible year-end giving to PJTN will make a tremendous impact and is urgently needed! I hope you will join our efforts in being a blessing to Israel…PLEASE consider PJTN as there’s still time to make your best year end gift today at

Please, in this season of giving, make your $1 count in God’s eyes!


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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


P.S. And don't forget that designating PJTN on Amazon Smile will help increase your financial support of PJTN during this holiday season.


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