Help Us Take PJTN's Message To Fox News!

I am in Washington today for high level meetings, as we continue the call to action to demand the removal of Ilhan Omar from any seat in America’s decision making.

We continue to call on YOU our faithful watchmen to show your support of PJTN!  It’s apparent here in DC, we are on the frontlines and in the headlines in this all-encompassing battle.  Media—both national and global has taken notice!  We must increase our voice and our visibility to reach more Americans and awaken them to the threats that Omar represents to this nation and that's where I need your help. 

I have recently filmed a new 60 second TV spot outlining the threats at hand – we desperately need funding to purchase air time on FOX.  Please take a look—and then please respond with your best donation to help us take this message nationwide. 


Of immediate action from PJTN while I am in Washington:

  • On Wednesday, I will be delivering a letter to the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, outlining our appeal for Omar’s removal from Congress, and underscoring the tens of thousands of voices that have been heard echoing this same sentiment through our PJTN online petition.  We are continuing to hourly add names, so if you haven’t yet—please sign the petition today!  Speaker Pelosi has the sole authority to call for Omar’s removal and we are demanding that this process begin immediately.  

We will not keep silent in this pursuit to protect our Jewish community, America and Israel from anti-Semitic threats. 

  • Additionally, PJTN will be submitting a formal letter to Attorney General William Barr calling on a full and thorough investigation into the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) and Ilhan Omar for possible violation of U.S. Law regarding fundraising for terrorist groups.  

Please consider your most generous gift to take PJTN immediately to FOX with our messaging!  

It’s crucial America “wake up” and your support will get our message seen and our voices heard!


Thank you for your support and prayers!



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