Happy Chanukah From PJTN


As last night marked in Jewish homes and gatherings around the world the joyful lighting of the first of the eight candles of the menorah, so we began the eight day celebration known as the “festival of lights.” It’s a cherished and honored time that yearly recalls God’s faithfulness to the Maccabees to work miracles in the preservation of His Chosen People.

The light of Chanukah, which means “dedication” in Hebrew, emanates from the successive ceremonial lighting of the candles of the menorah on each of the holiday’s eight nights. They are ignited as symbols of hope and in remembrance of miracles in a time of darkness. The menorah has eight main branches—plus the raised ninth lamp set apart as the “shamash” (servant) light which is used to kindle the other lights. 

I am reminded anew this week of PJTN’s 2018 campaign—“Igniting The Torch For A New Generation” and prayerfully recommitting myself in PJTN’s dedication of being a “servant light” in these uncertain times. We must not be extinguished in the commitment of our mission as we push back the increasing darkness of anti-Semitism in this generation. We are igniting the torch for a new generation in educating and empowering those coming behind us to never let their voices be silenced nor allow their commitment to grow dim.

Like Judah of Maccabee of old, we are standing fearlessly in the face of the enemy and trusting God for the victory!

As you gather your loved ones together during this holiday season, will you consider your best gift of support to PJTN?  Facing a serious year-end shortfall, your donation is urgently needed to fulfill the staggering expenses of broadcasting our TV message on global media as well as maintaining PJTN’s “boots on the ground” influence on the frontlines in the battle against anti-Semitism in all its virulent forms.  Thank you for being a part of our victory!

As I  thank you for your continued support of PJTN, I also pray The Almighty will bless you and your loved ones with your own Chanukah miracle during this Festival of Lights.


Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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