Gen Z Student Runs For School Board! Enough Is Enough!

One of the most gratifying aspects of our work here at PJTN is our “Igniting The Torch” campaign – our concentrated effort to reach the millennial generation with the truth of the need to support Israel and the ongoing message of keeping America great and America’s children protected by overturning the campaign of indoctrination and disinformation in their textbooks.  

The alarming rise of the BDS Movement, anti-Israel/anti-Zionist protests on campus and college based anti-Semitism that increasingly leads to violence is too often born in the small seeds of “disinformation” and bias planted in K-12 classrooms.

We had the privilege on our weekly Wednesday night “PJTN ONLINE Facebook Live” broadcast last night of seeing the fruits of our labor.  Our guest was Chris Willis, an 18 year old high school senior from Granbury, Texas who is "Igniting The Torch” in his community in a unique way.

Chris is the youngest candidate ever to run for a school board seat in his community.  Appearing before the Texas State Board of Education earlier this week, he chose to speak on the message of “American Exceptionalism” as he presented the case for Texas to consider the adoption of new K-12 standards for history, geography and social studies textbooks.  He has a fascinating story!


Click here to hear Chris' speech


Chris became aware of the nationwide crisis in education through the advance of the PJTN campaign in his hometown of Granbury.  He chose to take action by running to represent his generation on the local school board and letting his voice be heard by putting his beliefs about the greatness of America in front of the Texas State Board of Education.

Chris is an example of the young people PJTN is reaching and activating—he is an example of a new generation of young Americans we cannot afford to lose to a failed educational system. And there are so many millions more that we need to reach!

We are on the march nationwide to challenge, expose and change textbooks.  Campaigns begin in Tennessee, Florida, Ohio and Texas—with more to follow.

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As a thank you, we will send the explosive DVD “Disinformation”— a resource that you’ll want to watch and share with everyone you know that’s concerned with what’s happening in America today.

The effort is great—but the rewards for our children and grandchildren are even greater.  We cannot do it without you!




Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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