With the dawning of 2020 next week, we've had the tremendous blessing of a $10,000 donation grant added this week by a generous donor issuing a “match challenge” that assures every dollar contribution YOU make on our year-end ask between now and December 31st will be doubled.  We have the potential of a $20,000 much needed year-end gift!

This donor saw my TV guest appearance on Fox & Friends this past Saturday and felt moved by my message and by the impact PJTN’s presence in media has on the national news level.  I spoke about the crisis that surrounds Bethlehem this Christmas for Christians and Jews alike and how the question “was Jesus really a Palestinian?” has risen as a global antisemitic crusade.  If you missed Fox & Friends, you can watch it here.

This donor’s generosity is inspirational to me. With gifts opened and Christmas and Hanukah celebrations enjoyed, please as you now consider your year-end contributions, keep in mind how important your gift dollars are to the work of PJTN, as this donor did.  We cannot remain on the frontlines of issues in support of Israel and the Jewish people without your partnership! 

If you haven’t already, please consider becoming a “PJTN Watchman” in the remaining few days of 2019.  We have a goal in 2020 of adding another thousand “watchmen” to the PJTN walls surrounding issues such as:

  • The global war on antisemitism.  Your partnership will keep us front and center with media and active “on the ground” agenda wherever the issues arise.
  • K-12 textbooks will continue to be a major focus in the coming year.  PJTN is dedicated to educating and activating parents, grandparents and all who are interested in the education of our next generation of leadership to take up the fight for the minds and hearts of America’s children.  Our reach in 2020 will be even greater as we focus on exposing ‘foreign interests’ infiltrating our children’s curriculum and classrooms.
  • BDS on campus will also be at the forefront at PJTN.  In support of the President’s recent Executive Order on antisemitism, PJTN’s work will greatly increase in scope to insure violence on campus not be tolerated or go unreported.
  • The Anti Semitism Awareness Act will be a major focus in 2020 as PJTN’s active campaigns state-to-state with local legislation continue to undergird new laws nationwide.
  • UN Mission: We will continue with an active presence inside the corridors of the UN to defend Israel and the Jewish people and to report our “voice” with national media.
  • Internationally: PJTN will continue our global reach by establishing new international offices—such as the one established in South Africa this year.  Another trip to bring PJTN messaging to South Africa is planned for 2020.
  • Continued broadcast of Focus On Israel will be focal in reaching a potential global audience of 2 billion across the satellite platforms that carry PJTN programming.  We desperately need more support for the production of new FOI programming and to meet the dramatic costs of airtime.

In short—your year-end donations will impact in so many ways at a time when PJTN’s mission is crucial to our generation! 

Please consider being a part of the many ways PJTN will be making a difference in 2020!

Your year-end gift will make it all possibleand please remember, it is tax-deductible.


I hope you will consider our inspired donor’s “match grant” this week as we position PJTN for the challenging work ahead in a new decade!






Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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