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(NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE) –September 25, 2018 – Launched into prominence by a successfully waged and won statewide media campaign in Tennessee that captured major national and global attention in 2013, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) Founder and President Laurie Cardoza-Moore continues exposing the revisionist history in textbooks throughout  American classrooms with  a blatant “disinformation” agenda.

She is this week celebrating another tremendous victory in the textbook battle in Texas as she prepares to be honored for her work with PJTN at a reception this Wednesday (26) at the Friars Club in New York City.

The decision last week by the Texas State Board of Education to amend their state history, geography and social studies standards to reinsert the teaching of “Judeo-Christian values as fundamental to America’s founding” is yet another ‘win’ for PJTN’s ongoing national campaign.

Noted Cardoza-Moore: “It was an added affirmation for PJTN as a pro-Israel advocacy group, that the Texas Board voted to put the defense of Israel back in perspective for students. They voted for the inclusion of social studies requirements that correctly define that ‘Arab rejection of the State of Israel has been at the root of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.’  Additionally, they went on to address the importance of the inclusion of Moses’ influence on the writing of the nation’s founding documents. This is a tremendous victory for parents and citizens who are fighting to protect our Judeo-Christian values in our children’s education.  I am encouraged.  PJTN had ‘boots on the ground’ in Texas and we are continuing next in Florida and Ohio with the plan for outcomes similar to Texas.”  

Cardoza-Moore’s attention on waging the textbook war in Texas was in answer to the coalition of concerned organizations, taxpaying citizens, parents and grandparents who expressed growing outrage over textbooks being used in schools statewide.  Books examined  were found to contain examples of gross fact inaccuracies; ‘social justice agendas;’ revisionist, distorted or abbreviated American history; minimizing the Holocaust and presentation to students of anti-Semitic, anti-American and pro-Islamic content.

Fueled by her national appearances on the Fox News Channel, Cardoza-Moore has successfully mobilized a coast-to-coast army of organizations like Truth in Textbooks, Florida Citizens Alliance, ACT for America Chapters, 9/12 Chapters and Tea Party groups, as well as concerned parents and citizens to take back local control of their children’s education. The grassroots effort has swelled to find school board members removed, state laws to ensure textbook accuracy be put in place and the content of textbooks in question revised or removed. Multiple school districts across America have recognized and responded to PJTN’s national call for textbook accuracy.

“I am a veteran in the war against Pearson Publishing’s Common Core,” noted Cardoza-Moore in a recent statement. “While American parents have been distracted, Pearson has over the past several decades of their over 80% monopoly of textbooks in our U.S. schools proven to be successful in their revision of our American history, de-valuing of our Judeo-Christian religious beliefs, redefining of our American values and in the blatant attempt to take the minds of our children grades K-12 hostage. One of their principal editors, Shabbir Mansuri openly defined his agenda when he wrote: ‘I am waging a bloodless revolution, promoting world cultures and faiths in America’s classrooms.’ The public education system is failing our nation’s students and putting the future of our Constitutional Republic in jeopardy.  To that agenda, I have a single message: America, we must wake up!  We are losing our next generation of leadership in this country.”

Wednesday’s honoring of her at the Friars Club event will include a call for additional financial support for the work of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations.  The event committee includes Harold & Marilyn Siegel, Jeffrey Wiesenfield, Yechezel Moskowitz, Ms. Billie Ann Smith, Ms. Anne Kufeldt, Jonathan A. Meister, and Robert Sidi.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore will present an updated report on PJTN’s nationwide campaign to expose anti-Semitic, anti-Western propaganda in American textbooks.


ABOUT LAURIE CARDOZA-MOORE: PJTN Founder Laurie Cardoza-Moore is a respected “go to” voice on the frontlines of battle for the ideological, social, moral and religious mind of this generation.  From her role as Special Envoy to the United Nations for human rights and anti-Semitism to her leadership in statehouses through PJTN’s anti-Semitism Awareness Resolution, Laurie is a tireless advocate on behalf of 44 million Christians.

As television host of the weekly TV series Focus On Israel, her global broadcasting reach covers a potential 2.6 billion viewers worldwide. The program’s message is faithful to PJTN’s core mandate of educating Christians on their biblical responsibility to support Israel and the Jews. She is seeing ignorance give way to a positive change of hearts and minds.

Her quest to bring awareness and change in favor of Judeo-Christian values includes legislative, media, advocacy and ultimately the development of PJTN programs and documentaries that are shared and educate on a mass level.  PJTN programming in support of Israel today reaches over 2.6 billion potential viewers on a regular basis through a network of close to two dozen TV affiliates and satellite broadcasters.

Her web resource address is:


Jackie Monaghan

Sr. Media Advisor

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