Florida Governor DeSantis Sets New Standard For Combating Anti-Semitism In Education

While here in Jerusalem, I had the privilege of being invited to hear a real American hero show the citizens of Israel and the world the true reality of the love and friendship shared by our two countries and our two faiths.

While on a trip to Israel leading a Florida delegation, Governor Ron DeSantis made world headlines as he signed a bill adding anti-Semitism to the categories of discrimination that is henceforth outlawed in Florida – a bill that PJTN has championed and has considered a major mandate.  The bill applies to public discourse, as well as public schools, including the state’s public universities – a major blow against the hatred entrenchments of the BDS movement on campuses in Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis has been a true friend to the mission and message of PJTN.  I had the honor of meeting with him in his run for the Governorship of Florida and shared our concerns about the challenges faced by the Jewish communities in Florida.  He assured me, if elected, that he would be the most pro-Israel governor in America.

This summer, Florida will be a major focus in our efforts to ensure that its curriculum, textbooks and instructional materials are in compliance with Governor DeSantis’ new law.

At the historic signing of the bill at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem this week, the Governor recounted a story for Florida that we hear replicated often at PJTN in messages we receive from virtually every state.  Governor DeSantis told about a group of Alachua County students in Florida who attended a school board meeting to testify about the rise of anti-Semitic attacks on fellow students.  One of the students testified about how a student in his class wore a swastika and made a Hitler salute.  Another student told a Jewish student he should have died in the Holocaust.  It’s this type of hatred that is being displayed daily in towns and cities all over America. 

We must with one voice say: NOT ON OUR WATCH! 

“Anti-Semitism has no place in our state,” the Governor said as he took pen to paper to create a new law and to uphold his pledge to Israel and the Jewish people of Florida.  This brave supporter of Israel and friend of PJTN crossed an ocean to declare from the center of the earth, Jerusalem, to set the standard for other Governors and global leaders to follow.

PJTN is on the ground in Florida—and across America to introduce the Antisemitism Awareness Act in Tennessee, Ohio and other states in the war against anti-Semitism.  We were proud to be here in Jerusalem and on the ground in Florida to confront this global battle with all of you.

Thank you for all you do in making all we do possible to support this global mission.

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It’s a commitment to action and prayer in a war we cannot lose!


Shalom from Israel!



Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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