FL School Districts Must Comply With DeSantis' New Antisemitism Law

PJTN is grateful for Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership in signing into law legislation banning anti-Semitism in the Florida education system.

I was honored to have the opportunity to personally thank Governor DeSantis on behalf of all of our PJTN global Watchmen for his leadership in combating anti-Semitism head-on in Florida.  The bill was framed as a deterrent measure on Florida college and K-12 campuses to bring lawful consequences against institutions and rogue instructors who openly spew anti-Semitism without being held accountable. 

Governor DeSantis’ decision to sign this important legislation comes on the heels of PJTN exposing Pearson Publishers’ anti-Semitic CPALMS curriculum and instructional materials being used in Florida schools.  One troubling study on “inference” indirectly implied that IDF soldiers murdered Arabs at a checkpoint in Gaza because they said they were “Palestinians.

PJTN Founder Laurie Cardoza-Moore conferring with Florida Gov. DeSantis in Israel

Not surprisingly, the expected firestorm of controversy and criticism has arisen.  Those opposed to the groundbreaking legislation that could serve as a model to other state legislatures have cited First Amendment violations.  This, of course, is another example of the propaganda peddled by the mainstream media.

As you know, PJTN has been involved in similar legislation in Tennessee and Ohio.  In fact, the Attorney General of Tennessee released an opinion stating that our legislation introduced in Tennessee is not in violation of free speech.  Our goal is to see more states follow Florida's, Tennessee's and Ohio’s example.

In light of the legislation Governor DeSantis has passed, PJTN is calling on the Florida Department of Education to mandate school districts across the state to establish a task force to review curriculum, textbooks and instructional materials to ensure that they are in compliance with the new law.

I am also calling on “PJTN Watchmen” in the state of Florida who might be interested in joining PJTN Watchman’s K-12 Education Initiative to help us in monitoring Florida’s educational materials.  It’s an important component of ensuring local school districts are in compliance.  We will supply instructional support material and ask only that you review and report on the content you will be reading.  If interested, please contact PJTN at info@pjtn.org and let us know the county in Florida where you reside.

Finally, we will be mobilizing PJTN Watchmen in Tennessee, Ohio, Arizona and state-by-state in this important initiative to eradicate anti-Semitism in America’s school systems.

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Blessings from Jerusalem, Israel!



Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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