Director Oliver Stone Ranted About Israel; The Colbert Show Censored It.


From the Daily Wire:

Director Oliver Stone reportedly launched into a “cringe-worthy” rant condemning Israel during a live taping of Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, which was conveniently cut from airing.

On Monday, Stone appeared on the CBS show to promote his new Showtime miniseries featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin, called The Putin Interviews. When host Stephen Colbert confronted the Oscar winner about his alleged sympathies for Putin despite the county’s reported meddling in the United States election, Stone redirected the conversation to Israel, a source told Page Six:

The source said they “watched from behind [their] hands” as Stone said words to the effect of: “Israel had far more involvement in the US election than Russia.”

The “Platoon” director further challenged Colbert by saying, “Why don’t you ask me about that?” — but we’re told that the host shot back, “I’ll ask you about that when you make a documentary about Israel!”

The source categorized Stone’s Israel rant “a classic anti-Semitic canard.”

Stone went on to express sympathy for Putin: “He’s been through a lot. He’s been insulted and abused,” said the director, “abused in the press, in the media.”

“Anything about him negative that you found? Anything? Anything?” Colbert quipped back. “What do you say to the people who will say this is a fawning interview of a brutal dictator?”

While the source said Colbert was adamant about pushing-back on Stone’s claims, it remains unclear why such made-for-TV interactions were cut from airing. Perhaps exposing left-wing Stone’s apparent anti-Semitism simply doesn’t fit The Late Show’s agenda.

“Colbert was great. He wouldn’t let Stone get away with anything,” said the source, adding that Stone looked “stone-faced” in response.

3 thoughts on “Director Oliver Stone Ranted About Israel; The Colbert Show Censored It.”

  1. It’s only “cringe worthy” if you’re so willfully self deluded and in the tank for Israel and AIPAC that you soil yourself at the thought of America putting itself first instead of Israel.

  2. Is stating an obvious truth about Israeli influence in US politics anti-semitic, i.e., evidence of hatred of Jews? Or is that simply an inconvenient truth?

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