As school bells ring out, so too is the voice of PJTN ringing loudly this week with concern centered on the State of Michigan’s taxpayer funded participation in a well-oiled Islamic propaganda campaign.  Targeted at educating the state’s teachers in a two-day mandatory seminar on Islam, this outrageously biased presentation as a workshop, seeks to “enlighten with the truth” the minds and hearts of those whose trust it is to educate American’s children.

As I write this, a Freedom of Information Act (FIA) request has been filed to investigate why school systems throughout Michigan and several other states would offer teachers the presentation of a training session whose content disparages both Christianity and American values, while glorifying Islam and espousing the Koran as the “true and pure” word of God.  During the past five years on record, none of the school districts involved have presented teacher-training sessions focusing on Christianity, Judaism—or any world religion—only Islam.  In 2019, we have arrived at a time to see only the religion of Islam being given special treatment in American schools.

At the Novi community school district in Michigan, where the FIA was filed, the instructor making the course presentation was a Muslim woman who billed herself as an expert in “cultural competency,” and conducted the assembly of more than 400 teachers wearing the traditional Muslim hijab as she shared positive Islamic enlightenment meant to be shared in the classroom.  An appalling note: Of the 400 participates in the Novi, Michigan workshop, no hand was raised or voice heard to challenge two days of denigrating Christianity and Christian values or attacks on America contained in the commentary being taught.

Outrageous that “uninformed” American taxpayers are paying for this same “seminar” to indoctrinate our children’s teachers—at recent count in nine separate school districts in Michigan, as well as communities in California, Texas, Georgia and Florida.

Where was it written that America’s school teachers should be promotional agents of Islam?  

This is what’s happening increasingly all across our nation as parents pack school lunches and hurry their kids out the door and into the care of “ trusted” educators in the classroom.

PJTN’s voice will be heard in Michigan.  This is just the newest chapter in our ongoing national campaign to bring attention to what we term “the unspoken crisis in the educational system in America.”

PJTN has led the charge on the frontlines and in the headlines for over a decade in expressing growing outrage over curriculum and indoctrination being used nationwide.  Classroom training materials we’ve examined have been found to contain gross examples of social justice propaganda, revisionist, distorted, and abbreviated American history, factual inaccuracies and a growing trend of anti-American, antisemitic and unconstitutional pro-Islamic content.

The public education system is failing our nation’s students and has put the future of our Constitutional Republic in jeopardy.

This summer, we followed the chain from the classroom up to the inner workings of the National Education  Association's compliance in presenting a manifesto of antisemitic agenda for the consideration of their membership vote dramatically underscores my long-time message:

Wake up America!  Our nation is in danger of losing our next generation of leadership!

We have completed an extensive PJTN White Paper Report to be presented to the Secretary of the Department of Education. 

Thank you for your support—both on the ground and with your donations to the work we have at hand as the crisis in America seemingly only increases.

Join us and be part of the solution for our children’s future!




Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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