As Americans this week focused on the opportunity to give back on "Giving Tuesday," I am especially grateful for every donation directed towards PJTN.  Yes, sadly we lost out on the much-needed donations that would have come from AmazonSmile, but our Watchmen on the Wall have consistently proven week in and week out that giving is not consigned to one day in the holiday season. 

As we focus towards the end of the year we have match challenges on the table and the band of "Gideon's Army" continues to growas does my appreciation for all who continue to support PJTN.  We are closing in on the end of another year, as we began embroiled in the 24/7 365 battle against antisemitism in all its virulent forms. 

PJTN has had recent major successes in South Africa:
  • Establishing our first international basenow fully functional.
  • Speaking before receptive crowds in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria. 
  • Making a difference in a country where the BDS Movement first began and where the education of Christian pastors and church members is so essential in fighting back the misinformation in church teaching that has for so long fueled hatred.  
  • Interviewing and sharing the PJTN message with major media outlets like Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).  In fact, in one interview alone in Johannesburg, we were able to reach more than one million people throughout SA, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria with the message of the importance of turning the tide against antisemitism in South Africa.  
Only God can deliver such favor!
You can see the highlights of our November mission and what your donation dollars helped us accomplish in South Africa here.

Now back in America where the celebration preparations for the holidays is in full swing, the work for PJTN goes on.  We are this week calling upon the White House press office to withdraw the press credentials of Rick Wiles whose recent violently antisemitic media rants are encouraging a "civil war" be waged against the Jews in America.

Here in 2019 in America, this is the same kind of torrent of hatred that washed in waves over Europe in the reign of Hitler.  I am asking:  Where is the outrage?  Where are we—the Christians who support Israel?  The Holocaust grew out of "small seeds" and small minds filled with hatred that blossomed into a human catastrophe unlike any in history.  As I said in a press release that went national this week: "In order to incite Christians to a violent civil war with Jews in the United States, Rick Wiles is telling his Christian audience that, 'Jews are taking over America by launching a Jewish coup against Trump.'  This is outrageous considering many of President Trump's supporters are Zionist Orthodox Jews as well as Evangelical Christians Ironically, these Zionist Jews and Christians share the same biblical values and have the same concerns about the direction our nation is heading." 

PJTN is also underscoring the message to Attorney General William Barr: Open 2020 with a complete Federal investigation of Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar.  As news came over Thanksgiving week that allegations have arisen that Omar is functioning in Congress as a bought and paid for "Qatari asset" who is passing information to Iran from her seat of access to America's high-level intel, the old adage has never been truer:  Where there's smoke, there's fire. 
What is already proven is that Omar has already been found by the Minnesota Finance Board of improperly handling campaign funds and called to the attention for investigation by the House Ethics Committee for immigration fraud.  She has proven to be a true enemy to the interests of Israel.  In the November vote, no surprise, she was at the head of the list of the 107 Democrats who called on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to reverse his announcement on the legality of West Bank Settlements, claiming the move "severely damaged prospects of peace in the region."

To date, PJTN has collected over 50,000 signatures demanding the removal of IIhan Omar from Congress.  We will continue the campaign into 2020 and our voice will continue to be heard.  If you haven't already please add your signature to our online petition here. 



We need more Watchmen to stand with usmore voices to speak out!  The voices of antisemitism only grow louder. We must not lose the battle.  We cannot do it without you.






Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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