Cleveland Clinic Medical Resident Fired For Anti-Semitic Statements

Less than a week into the new year, global headlines once again reinforce the crucial work of PJTN.  

Amidst the news, another anti-Semitic scandal was exposed in Ohio last week.  Dr. Lara Kollab, a "Palestinian" medical resident at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, was recently fired after the discovery of a score of anti-Semitic comments she posted on social media from 2011 - 2017.

The shocking post that received the most attention was a tweet from 2012 that she made as a medical student, which said: “hahha ewww.. ill purposely give all the yahood [Jews] the wrong meds. . . ,” inferring that she would kill Jews.

She also posted that supporters of Israel should have their “immune cells killed.”  She has called for violence against Jews, spread anti-Semitism, trivialized the Holocaust, defended the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization Hamas and supported terrorism on Twitter.  

Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, her messaging spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and hatred of Israel as she accused Israel of exploiting the Holocaust.  She also called the Jews dogs and claimed Zionists control U.S. media and schools.  She stated that as an adolescent she had “difficulty constructively expressing my intense feelings" about the conflict in the Middle East.

In the midst of it all, this young woman now claims she keeps the Hippocratic oath and she no longer shares those values.  It is obvious that Kollab still harbors hatred and should not be allowed to practice medicine in Ohio, or any other state in the U.S. for that matter.

Her statements are unconscionable, immoral, unethical and indefensible.

Kollab did not become skilled at this type of hatred like most kids in Palestinian schools are taught, but right here on America’s college campuses.

With the passage of our anti-BDS resolution in Ohio last month, PJTN successfully convinced the Ohio state legislators to officially adopt policy that will not tolerate this type of incitement to violence on state campuses.  

At PJTN, we are committed to reach more state legislators and taxpaying citizens throughout the U.S. to expose the growing threat to Jewish and Zionist students on college campuses throughout the U.S. in our battle against anti-Semitism and the BDS Movement!  

Additionally, we also petitioned the State Medical Board of Ohio to revoke Lara Kollab’s license as a practicing medical professional.  

As PJTN launches our next nationwide initiative to encourage state legislatures to adopt the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, we will need your financial support to ensure that the civil rights of our Jewish students on campuses are protected. 


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