Clear Channel Denies Billboard In Times Square

“… A new generation arose after them that did not know the LORD, nor the deeds that He had performed for Israel.” Judges 2:10

I am growing increasingly alarmed about America, our freedoms of expression as Jews, Christians and all people of conscience, and the threat to the well-being and safety of those with Judeo/Christian values and viewpoints in America at large.

Last week, I mentioned that I would be in New York at Times Square this week for a major rally demanding the removal of Ilhan Omar from Congress.  Unfortunately, due to security issues and last minute complications, I was unable to attend.  Even more regretful: Attempts were made to shut down the event by both Clear Channel, who owns the Times Square signage and Facebook who hosted a donors page.  The organizations who were staging the rally were denied use of the billboard at the 11th hour.  The Facebook page was pulled for vague reasons not fully understood, especially since the page was setup according to their standards.

By denying the expression of truth about Omar’s anti-Semitic comments and her ties to her Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR AND IRUSA, organizers were denied the expression of the free speech we are guaranteed as Americans!  Not a coincidence: This denial of advertising space at the Omar rally comes on the heels of the national headlines made by Clear Channel for their refusal earlier this month to display billboard messaging from a Christian conservative ministry, Focus On The Family, who had planned a 4-D ultra-sound image of an unborn baby in support of their pro-life  “Alive From New York” event staged on May 4.


I issued a statement to national media yesterday on behalf of PJTN stating in part: "A definite double standard exists when our attempts to wake up America to the dangers to our national security, our American, Judeo/Christian values are denied the right to be displayed as viable viewpoints for Americans to consider in an open forum like Times Square.  Unless these corporate biases on free speech are challenged, it will set the stage for the continued decline of freedom in America as we know it.”


While attempts were made to sabotage this week’s rally to demand Omar’s removal, the steering committee is making preparations for another event.  It promises to be a higher profile, national call to action, and an even larger billboard than that lost in Times Square to wake up more Americans to the battle what's underway.

Please let your voice of support be heard and your opinion and values counted! Please go to PJTN's website, as tens of thousands of concerned Americans have already done, and join us in the call for Omar's removal from Congress by signing our petition.

Your donation to the work of PJTN is much needed and will be much appreciated by future Americans—our children and grandchildren— 
in whose hands we will be passing “freedom!”

Thank you for your support!





Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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