Christian Leader Calls for Censure of Jimmy Carter



(Nashville, Tennessee) –May 17, 2018 –Laurie Cardoza-Moore founder and president of pro-Israel advocacy group Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, has called for the censure of former President Jimmy Carter as the keynote speaker at Liberty University this Saturday, May 19, in Lynchburg, Virginia.

“As an evangelical Christian leader, I find it repulsive that Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. would find it expedient to expose a graduating class of a Christian University’s brightest and best potential young leaders to the influence and views of a long avowed anti-Semite who happened to serve as our 39th President.  Jerry Falwell, Sr. was a true friend to Israel which makes this situation even more of a tragically sad commentary on the current leadership at Liberty University," stated Cardoza-Moore.

Jimmy Carter has long been outspokenly biased to Palestinian suffering, while ignoring the legacy of oppression, expulsion, and murder committed against Jews. He has trivialized the terrorist attacks waged against Jews, while terming suicide bombings problematic because they, in his words, “turn the world away from the sympathy and support of the Palestinian people.”

“Someone who attempts to discount the reality of Jews being killed—whether by Nazis or by Hamas terrorism—is an anti-Semite.  It makes no difference if that person is a former President, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, an Iranian leader, a Christian pastor, or a Sunday school teacher. In Carter’s case, he has by virtue of his well-publicized worldview and through the pages of his now infamous book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, too often positioned himself as a positive spokesperson for Hamas, attempting to positively portray its Gaza government to the global community at large.” added Cardoza-Moore.

In 2015, Hamas benefited significantly from Carter’s saintly Christian image and former Presidential influence. After Carter called on the U.S. to recognize Hamas as a legitimate political entity, prominent law professor Alan Dershowitz remarked that “Jimmy Carter has now become an all-out cheerleader for Hamas.” He explained that “even if you’re a former President, it’s against the law to provide material support to a listed terrorist organization and Jimmy Carter is coming awfully close to that line.”

Remarkably in his book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, Carter attempted to draw a sympathetic portrait of the Palestinian refugee experience while making two fleeting references to the Holocaust. With a detailed explanation of “how” the current volatile situation in the Middle East was fueled for Palestine, nothing is listed of the experiences of the Jewish people between 1939 and 1947—a series of years that starkly defined the need of the Jewish people to rightfully establish a Jewish State in their biblical, ancestral homeland. The class-action lawsuit brought against the book stated, “it is filled with demonstrable falsehoods, omissions and knowing misrepresentations intended to promote Carter’s agenda against Israel.”

Carter was quoted in a C-SPAN interview saying that, “I think you can look at the history of my public career and see the goal I’ve had in mind has been to bring peace to the people of Israel.” For a man who wants to bring peace to Israel, he has repeatedly and systemically given support to her enemies.

Ms. Cardoza-Moore declared, “No, former President Carter, we cannot see the reality of your goal for peace for the people of Israel.  Your legacy will not be remembered as one of peace to the Middle East, but that you - under the cloak of your Christian faith, and in the words of King Solomon, were ‘Justifying an evildoer… which is an abomination to God.’ And that, ‘An evildoer gives heed to false lips…'  As for the wisdom of Jerry Falwell, Jr., allowing Jimmy Carter to reach out and influence and ‘inspire’ another generation of young Christian leaders and their families this weekend at Liberty University? You are his accomplice.  I call for Christians, Jews, and people of conscience to let their voice of opposition be heard loud and clear.”

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