Back to School Checklist on Anti-Semitism

An alarming new report from AMCHA shows that anti-Zionist attacks on America’s university campuses have doubled between 2015 and 2017…

The classic anti-Semitic acts of swastika painting, neo-Nazi flyers and vandalism are now being replaced with outward violence against Jewish and pro-Israel students.

Here’s a campus checklist for back to school on what defines “anti-Semitism:”

  • The “old adages” have reached the new generation—the myths of a world Jewish conspiracy take-over, controlling the media, banking, economy and governments—stereotypical allegations that endure through ignorance.
  • Accusations of Jews and Israel having invented or exaggerated the Holocaust.
  • Drawing the comparison of Jews and Nazis.
  • Attempts to Delegitimize Israel.
  • Protests to demonize the Jewish people, their right to exist, and promotion of BDS and the elimination of the Jewish state.
  • Support on campus of terrorists and terrorist states targeting the destruction of Israel and the Jews.

PJTN is on the frontlines and in the headlines this fall in the ongoing war against anti-Semitism on campus.  The battle actually begins in K-12 and the disinformation our children are being exposed to in their textbooks.. We are preparing a “white paper” to bring to the Education Department in Washington and we urgently need your support!   

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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