As Israel Celebrates 71 Years . . .

PJTN this week has joined the chorus of supportive voices around the world in wishing Israel God’s blessing on the celebration of its 71st Independence Day marked from the miracle of its re-emergence as a nation in 1948.  It has been a hard fought miracle watered by many tears.  On Tuesday of this week, the citizens of Israel and Jews of the Diaspora alike observed Memorial Day, as a day to remember the price that has been paid.  A siren was heard around the nation to remember the 23,741 fallen soldiers; the 3,460 Jewish lives lost to terrorism—and this year tragically—the twelve Jewish lives lost here in America in murderous anti-Semitic attacks in both the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA and the Chabad in Poway, CA.

As Memorial Day in Jerusalem dawnedI was in Washington for a rally on Capitol Hill to voice our stand against anti-Semitism in our generation. 

 I stopped to remember and to pledge that PJTN must—and will—do more.

As the concerned leader of a Christian organization, I have a unique stand to call out Christianity and demand accountability from pastors and pulpits that are silent in the face of anti-Semitism.  Churches of every denomination in America have fallen to the same failings as previous generations.  Obsessed with building numbers and new churches, concerned with self-preservation; traditions; doctrines and false teachings while completely ignoring God’s mandates to support “our brothers” —the Jewish people.  

Anti-Semitism is only going to intensify.  It has found fertile soil in which to grow all around us: the multi-cultural left, the media, the pages of the New York Times, pop culture, K-12 and higher ed campuses, Congress—and yes—the silent church.  A major political party could not muster a vote to condemn anti-Semitism in America, nor can it control the hate-filled messaging against Israel now an almost daily news item from one of its members of CongressIlhan Omar.

Signs are everywhere as Israel celebrates its 71st year – hatred of Israel and the Jewish people is out of the shadows and accepted in full view of all.    

We must do more than watch silently:  Every time another anti-Semitic cartoon runs (and it will)…every time another left wing question of patriotism or morality of Jews in both Israel and America is tweeted by Omar (and it will be) …every time another Jewish student on campus is harassed or threatened (and they will be)…every time a gun enters a Synagogue ….

We must pray—and we must ACT…!


We are re-committed to stand!





Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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