Anti-Semitism Will Be Coming This Fall to a Voting Booth Near You

As Americans, we must brace this fall for the kind of extreme “anti-Israel/anti-Semitic politics” that have until now stayed on campus, in the mosque, in Europe, and in the Third World.

Elections around the country are poised to offer candidates with strong anti-Semitic positions in hopes of bringing a new “anti-Israel” caucus to Congress.

See Breitbart feature from August 17th

We must be educated, motivated and vigilant in support of candidates who will uphold our American values in support of Israel!

In a recent Gallup poll, Americans remain staunchly in "Israel's corner" with 74% of American adults having a favorable view of Israel and younger adults favoring Israel less at 65%. 

We cannot take this support for granted.  

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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