The sad reality is these people hate truth! They do not care about other individuals free speech and/or right to communicate a different perspective. The bottom line - there is a God. He made an everlasting Covenant with a specific people, who were to inhabit a specific piece of territory. The other nations He spread out into all the earth. To the opposition, they are unwilling to allow the free thought and ideas of anyone who does not agree with them.
Free speech comes with responsibility. The responsibility to protect other's rights to have their own thoughts, belief and speech, etc., even if one doesn't agree with them. That has always been the responsibility of every American. If these people do not want to protect their rights, along with their neighbors - its time for them to find another country to spew their hatred, but its not here!
This is going to be the fight of this generation... the question is, will Americans, no matter what walk of life they come from, be willing to unite together with one common goal - to defend our God given, inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as is afforded to us through the most important historical document ever created by men of integrity and fortitude - the Constitution.
God help us!
Laurie Cardoza-Moore
Office: 615.778.0202
Cell: 615.207.4119

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