American Publisher Apologizes For ‘Anti-Semitic’ Directives in Textbook

pacemaker-getty-640x480.jpgTEL AVIV – An American publishing house has issued an apology for claiming in a nursing textbook that Jewish patients are often “vocal and demanding of assistance.” 

copy of the page, taken from Pearson’s book entitled Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning, went viral on social media for its descriptions of how minorities including Jews, Asians, blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and “Arabs/Muslims” respond to pain.

Blacks, the book asserts, “often report higher pain intensity” and believe “suffering and pain are inevitable” and is “proportional to faith.” Hispanics may “believe that pain is a form of punishment,” it continues. Asian patients who complain openly about pain are “thought to have low social skills,” while Filipinos “view it as the will of God.”

The section also noted that Jews “believe that pain must be shared and validated by others.”

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