A January email in my personal inbox read…”Laurie, I am very afraid for my children and my grandchildren. This is the most frightening time with things happening to us, the Jewish people, than any other time I can remember in my lifetime.  I am 81 years old…”    Barbara

I was shaken at the obvious heartbreak of this dear woman and vowed at that opening moment of the New Year to recommit to PJTN’s mission in an even greater level. I did more than send a personal response. I recorded a video—“We Must Not Remain Silent in 2020!”  

Powerful in its message, and produced by “PJTN Next Gen” creative team, it went viral on social media as well as reaching the full force of the organizational support base.  You can view it here: https://vimeo.com/381965171

I responded by email to Barbara…

Dear Barbara,

My last message of 2019 to you on this the last day of Hanukkah has taken an unexpected somber turn.  Instead of a glowing recap of the many victories that PJTN had this year in the global war against antisemitism, I am saddened to report that the violence against our Jewish brethren during this just past season of Hanukkah made unprecedented national headlines.

The sad truth is: As we face the promise of the 2020 New Year, it no longer seems safe to be a Jew in America.  When the New Year’s Eve ball drops in Times Square tomorrow night, it does so in a city in the midst of the revival of the age-old hatred of anti-Semitism in a world that witnessed the horrific murder of six million Jews and just one generation ago vowed: “never again.”  Soon, as history has proven, it will not be safe to be a Christian in America if we do not speak up in defense of the Jewish friends and neighbors that surround us.

Barbara, I will be praying G-d’s comfort for you in know you are not alone.  You have thousands of Christian friends at PJTN standing with you in love and strengthyou’re your support and protection.

(Closing with a blessing in Hebrew –sign Laurie)

Never has the need for PJTN been more dramatic.  When God gave me the vision in 2001 to form a Christian organization in support of our Jewish brethren, he also gave me a dream.  In the dream I saw a vast multitude of people locking arms in solidarity.  Locked arm-in-arm as they stood together, they formed a virtually unpenetrable wall.  I heard the message: “You have to come through us this time.”  I knew immediately when I awoke that this was the mission God was calling PJTN to fulfill.  Then, I saw in part.  Now, I fully understand the depth of the calling.

They must come through us this time and we at PJTN will lock arms of solidarity around our Jewish brethren! Christians, Jews and all people of good conscience who will join us—we at PJTN are called for this hour!

 And thus opened our 15th year as an organization.

The January 1st global airing by GOD-TV of PJTN’s award winning documentary, “Israel Indivisible,” provided us with a strong opening for 2020—a new year we anticipated would carry PJTN  to significant major successes in the twelve months ahead.

Closing out the 2019 with anti-Semitism in the headlines in New York City, PJTN went forth with a renewed commitment in the war on anti-Semitism—a cimmitment to provide strategic leadership and moral courage on the frontlines of the issues that confront Christians, Jews and all people of good conscience who are concerned for the future of our country, our children and grandchildren, and the Judeo-Christian values that have established and made America great.

Our mandate and marching orders:

  • K-12 Education – We will remain engaged as a thought leader and major agenda-setter in the war against anti-Semitic content in curricula.  Amid the unfortunate and well-planned battle to “dumb down” America in current culture, PJTN creates new opportunities of exposing and tying anti-Semitism back to its very roots—the void in America’s educational system. The hatred begins with the “small seeds” planted in the minds of children K-12—a fact well documented and proven by the exhaustive intel PJTN compiled throughout 2019 in our white paper investigation and report.  We have proven that by the time our college-age kids are marching in BDS rallies and pro-Palestinian demonstrations on campuses all over America, they have been exposed to antisemitic and anti-Israel propaganda in their K-12 classrooms.
  • Replacement theology – We will continue to expose the existence of Christian anti-Semitism being preached in pulpits throughout America.  While TV cameras focus on the increasing incidents of attacks and shootings of innocent Jewish Americans from NYC to Pittsburgh to Poway, the anti-Semitic replacement theology is being preached in a church on a street corner near you.  PJTN will mobilize in full force on this in the months ahead through media as well as through community action task forces that are being planned.
  • Mainstreaming political anti-Semitism –PJTN will continue to forge ahead to expose and challenge the anti-Semitic political and social leaders who promote anti-Semitism through their public statements—and support of the enemies of our Judeo/Christian values and our unrelenting support of Israel and the Jewish people.
  • Global Outreach to combat BDS – We as an organization will continue to expand globally on the ground as well.  With PJTN’s office in South Africa established last year, our PJTN SA team is organizing more outreach programs to SA.  In our commitment to combat global anti-Semitism that was birthed in Durban through the anti-Semitic BDS movement, we will work to educate and activate Christians throughout the African continent to end years of misguided hatred of Israel and our Jewish brethren.  Other international missions are also soon to be announced.

With the call to remain silent, we will only grow louder in our messagingnew strategies, new platforms and new original PJTN media programs and documentaries are being announced in 2020.

In short:  PJTN will be positioned on the frontlines and in the headlines once in 2021.  Your have my commitment.

Thank you for joining us in this important mission…I cannot do it without you.

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