A Reminder Of Purim's Message --Then And Now

As the Jewish community celebrates the festival of Purim this week, we as Americans find ourselves facing a new generation of “Haman.”  That vile spirit is as determined today to see the destruction of the Jews as it was in the time of Esther when Haman plotted to wipe out the Jewish population under his rule.

Today, anti-Semitism is being ”normalized” to a new generation.  It’s everywhere in media and culture around us and Ilhan Omar is the designated “poster child” for this newest wave of hatred.

Within the past few days we have seen: The Washington Post publish an Op-Ed by Omar in which she attempted to cloak her anti-Semitism with rhetoric.  FOX News network made a critical and chilling decision to pull Judge Jeanine Pirro’s popular show, Justice with Judge Jeanine from America’s airwaves for her stated question to Omar and thought provoking challenge to Americans to “wake up” to the threat at hand—taking her point so far as to have the courage to challenge the freshman congresswoman’s allegiance to America after Omar questioned the loyalty of Jewish Congressmen. And as Americans challenge each other to defend and question Omar’s intents, she sits today on a throne at the House Foreign Affairs Committee with a binder filled with America’s most sensitive foreign policy intel and as a vocal critic of U.S. policy in the Middle East, particularly towards the Israeli government and the Jewish people. 

I say: Americans will not tolerate anti-Semitism, whether delivered from a Christian Nationalist, a member of the KKK or an Islamist.  

Ilhan Omar is waging an unholy war to sanitize anti-Semitism and we the people will not tolerate her veiled anti-Semitic threats. PJTN will continue our nationwide petition and campaign to have her removed from Congress.  It is our mission to stand-up and defend the Jewish people and Israel against the rise of global anti-Semitism no matter where it comes from; that includes the halls of our own Congress.

While Omar continues to fundraise for Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and flaunt her connections to these subversive organizations which seek the destruction of America and Israel, I ask you to continue to sign our online petition to have her removed from Congress.  Share it with every concerned American you know.  Ilhan Omar may have hypnotized some members of Congress, but American patriots will not tolerate her attempts to normalize anti-Semitism.  We don’t need to question her loyalty, we know where it lies.

My pledge to you:  I will continue to raise my voice in every media forum PJTN can reach—here and globally!  Yesterday, I was on Fox Nation TV with host Todd Starnes, as two articles on PJTN’s movement against Omar appeared in Israel in the Jerusalem Post.  The media is growing more and more “major” in reach – and we can only stretch farther to more major media outlets for our messaging with your support!

Please give your best donation today at a moment in time when our message desperately needs to reach America!

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers…




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