A Personal Passover Message From Laurie Cardoza-Moore


Chag Pesach Sameach!
Joyous Passover Festival )


A Passover Story from PJTN

What a tremendous blessing to join with so many of our PJTN friends around the world as we embrace the spiritual blessing of Passover and Holy Week. We look forward to this special time as it serves as an important reminder of God’s faithfulness in the darkest of times.  

Daily, we must try to grapple with a fracturing world--one that willfully embraces anti-Semitism and anti-Christian bigotry.

In light of this, I want to share a brief story an Israeli Jewish friend shared with me about a Passover Seder that took place in Israel in 2002.

As families gathered to celebrate their freedom from slavery and the Exodus, a Palestinian terrorist bombed the hotel as they celebrated their Passover meal, resulting in the death of three generations of family members.

My friend went on to relate to me that since that day of terrible loss, when her family celebrates Passover and reads the Haggadah,  (read at the dinner table by everyone invited) that she sits up straight and tall in her chair when it comes time to read ”…in every generation they come to kill us”.  

She says she ‘sits up taller’ because her mind flashes back to Mt. Sinai, as Jews are taught ‘you were at Sinai’.  Her memory then returns to the reality of what happened in 2002.  The Passover massacre happened on our watch.  It happened in our time…the memory and the grief has not subsided. 

But in the midst of those moments when she recalls that horrific attack, she finds hope knowing that all though the days seem darker, she finds comfort knowing that more and more Christians are standing watch on behalf of the Jewish people and Israel.   So while she knows that indeed ‘they are coming to kill us’, we, the Jewish people, fight back with new friends on our side--friends who share values and deep roots with us.

As we stand together this Passover, may we unite stronger to confront the challenges all Israel faces in each generation.

In closing, on behalf of our distinguished board and dedicated team at PJTN, we wish all our members blessings for a meaningful and fulfilling Passover during this Holy Week. 


And let us together say, Amen.



Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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