(NASHVILLE, TN) –April 29, 2019—A major national voice in the war on anti-Semitism is today calling on the Christian community to examine the role of Christianity in the aftermath of the Saturday loss of life at the Jewish Chabad in California.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder and President of Christian pro-Israel organization, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, today issued a statement in response to facts emerging.

“As the leader of a Christian organization dedicated to the global welfare and protection of the Jewish people against the alarming worldwide surge of anti-Semitism, I am both saddened and outraged by the attack and loss of life this weekend within the walls of the Jewish Chabad in Poway, California.  I am as well deeply concerned with the reports the seeming role Christian Nationalism played in motivating the alleged shooter in this senseless attack.  We must lay the responsibility in great part on the failure of Christianity to teach against the anti-Semitic heresy of replacement theology.  For centuries this false doctrine has been used to ignite violence against Jews.  It happened in the pogroms, the Inquisition, the Holocaust—and apparently in Poway, California this weekend.  This same evil energy focused toward the Jews propelled Hitler’s ‘brown shirt’ brigade and it reportedly propelled this weekend’s shooter to quote scripture as a motivation to kill Jews.”

At a time within the last few weeks that Christians and Jews have been focused on a period of the joyous celebration of their faith, we are once again struck with the stark reality of the dangerous, tragic times, in which we live.  The Chabad shooting this weekend came on the closing day of Passover and exactly six months to the day that marked the most violent crime against the Jewish people in American history—the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue massacre that claimed eleven innocent lives on October 27.  Officials in California are calling the Poway shooting an anti-Semitic “hate crime” by a 19 year old who took apparent inspiration from the perpetrator of the Pittsburgh murders.

“The results are the same:  Whether around the world or within the walls of church or synagogue in America, “sanctuary and safety” no longer exist.  The forces of religious hatred are on the march and the footsteps grow louder each day towards the Jewish community.  That this kind of hatred in the name of Christianity exists in America, should be totally unacceptable to Christians who read their bible and understand that God has called us with a mandate to be supportive of Israel and the Jewish people.  Unfortunately, too few Christians are educated or even taught from the bible within the walls of today’s churches.  What we’re seeing unfold in America today is coming straight from the pages of ‘The Elders of Zion’ playbook.”

Cardoza-Moore went on to note: “We are facing a wave of anti-Semitism in America building at an unparalleled rate last seen in the era that led to the Holocaust.  As these alarming facts daily cross my desk at PJTN,  it becomes clear that both Christians and Jews around the world are increasingly under dangerous attack. Christians and Jews, find ourselves increasingly subjected to violence and genocidal campaigns by jihadist groups dedicated to exterminating all traces of Christianity and Judaism on the same soil where it first blossomed—both in the Middle East and here in America where we were founded on Judeo Christian values.”

“While organized 'religion' has been disdained and relegated to the history books in much of Europe, countries like Germany and France are also paradoxically among the growing hotbeds of violence and unrest for both Judaism and Christianity—a reality attributed to a flood of Muslim immigration in both countries. As Christian Nationalism and ‘replacement theology’ wear away at the fabric of America, so do radical Islamic influences such as CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Add in the constant drip of left leaning agenda and anti-Semitic propaganda from the mouth of media influencers such as Ilhan Omar, the radical left teachings our children are being subjected to on our K-12 and college campuses, and the despicable anti-Semitic ‘dog whistle’ cartoon caricatures in the pages of the New York Times this weekend, and one picture emerges in America: Anti-Semitism is being increasingly accepted and normalized. 

We must not be “lulled” by compliance to a political party, the pressure of being politically or socially correct, or the fear of being called “haters” for speaking out in what we see happening in America!  Christians and Jews are seeing history repeat itself.  We must recall the wisdom passed down from the “Greatest Generation” who swore “Never Again!” –a generation whose voices are now reduced by time to only a few: “They come…first for the Saturday people (the Jews), then the Sunday people (the Christians).” 

If you are a believing Christian or Jew…the footsteps are going to grow louder. 

We must stand together.”


ABOUT PJTN: Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN), a 501c3 non-profit organization, was established to educate Christians about their Biblical responsibility to stand with their Jewish brethren and Israel against the rise of global anti-Semitism.  Utilizing powerful film and video presentations, a variety of grassroots rallies, events and speaking engagements to facilitate dialogue between the Christian and Jewish communities  the origination advocates in support of the State of Israel and against global genocidal anti-Semitism. In recent months PJTN  has led in the struggle against BDS in America with a wave of state resolutions and has exposed textbooks used in U.S. schools that are indoctrinating our children with inaccurate historical information, bias and values that do not reflect our nation. Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations is the  weekly host of the award-winning documentary-style program Focus On Israel that reaches a weekly global audience of over 2 billion viewers in 200 nations through over 20 global media partners, including Daystar and GOD-TV. . www.pjtn.org  . www.pjtn.org 


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