As we approach the heart of the holiday season celebration and the New Year to come, I am looking back on a year when too many of my Jewish friends have told me they have a growing fear of being a Jew in America…

Need I say it: antisemitism never takes a holiday. It has never lacked voices to deck the halls of history with hatred.

Amid both Christmas carols and happy talk of Chanukah, a new loud voice has been added to the chorus around us and making national headlines—that of Rick Wiles, a false prophet in the sheep’s clothing of “pastor” whose regularly aired radio broadcasts have steadily evolved into a hate fest against the Jews.  He has most recently focused on inciting Christians to a violent civil war with Jews in the United States.  He recently informed his audience that “Jews are taking over America by launching a ‘Jewish coup’" against Trump.  Of course this is outrageous considering many of President Trump’s supporters are Zionist Orthodox Jews as well as Evangelical Christians.  Ironically, these Zionist Jews and Christians share the same biblical values and have the same concerns about the direction our nation is heading.

Not a surprise from a hater who earlier this year, spoke at the antisemitic “Christ at The Checkpoint” conference in Bethlehem with other so-called “Bible-believing” Christians.  These Christians are in defiance of God’s Word and advocate to make Israel Jew-free.  Wiles has repeatedly accused Israel of oppressing Christians in Bethlehem with no evidence to back up his false claims.  However, the only Christians actually being persecuted in Bethlehem were the over 80% who fled Bethlehem after the 1993 Oslo Accords.  They were not persecuted by Israelis or Jews but by the new ruling body, the Arab Palestinian Authority.

Wiles has also recently come out attacking Zionists. He referred to “Global Zionism” as the “fourth beast” from the Old Testament book of Daniel.  His hatred towards Jews has blinded him to know how to rightly divide the Word of God.  To suggest that the author of the book of Daniel, a Jew, was saying that “Global Zionism” is the “fourth beast” revealed is an example of how biblically out of touch Wiles is with the Word of God and instead is injecting his own theology into the biblical narrative.  The insanity only escalates through his radio broadcast as he states that Zionism will be “the evil force that takes over the world in the Last Days and persecutes the body of Christ and makes war against the saints…. And it's not Muslims that are going to kill us. It's the Jews!”

Here’s a shocking viewing link just posted yesterday on Rick Wiles pre-Thanksgiving Day rant on how “the Jews are defiling America

Sadly, Christian antisemites throughout history do not read their Bibles, but instead have altered God’s Word to justify their hatred and bloody, libelous attacks against our Jewish brethren.  These Christians say they serve God, but which God do they serve?  It is certainly not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  In doing extensive research on the Holocaust, I was shocked to learn how Christians, in the name of Jesus, legitimized and justified their violent attacks against our Jewish brethren.  In studying the German culture at the time of Hitler’s rise to power, I learned that Germany was a highly educated Christian nation.  So, I had to ask myself, “how could a nation of “Christians” tolerate the brutal slaughter of six million men, women and children?”  I concluded that hatred of Jews is not relegated to the dark ages and that many Christians, such as Rick Wiles, are biblically illiterate.             

Today in America, where is the voice of Christianity in defense of the Jews?  PJTN must not and will not remain silent! 

I am today issuing a national press release and beginning an intense media campaign to challenge Christian leaders to join me across the U.S. in calling this man out publicly.  We must condemn his outrageous incitements to violence against the Jews.  This form of incitement of hatred towards violence against the Jews must not be allowed to take supportive root—not in  America --not on our watch!

URGENT that you stand with me today!  PJTN is on financial overload here in December as we now add the media campaign to combat a new voice of hatred!

Recently PJTN Watchmen have stepped up to give very appreciated “match challenges”—we have challenges of $1,000, $2,000, $2,500 and $3,000 on the table and I am anticipating a hopeful $5,000 challenge this week…will you be one to prayerfully and generously make that much needed gift?  All donations—small and large—make it possible for PJTN to remain “on the frontlines and in the headlines”  24//7, 365 days of the year.



Antisemitism never takes a holiday.  Neither will we.

Thank you, in advance for standing with us!






Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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