Christian Leader Urges Rescinding Invitation On Students For Justice In Palestine Event

(Nashville, Tennessee)—September 20, 2019 –On the eve of her speaking engagement this weekend at the "Understanding the Times" conference in Minneapolis, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations Founder and President Laurie Cardoza-Moore is calling on the University of Minnesota to disengage on their announced commitment to host the annual conference of the Students For Justice in Palestine (SJP), scheduled to be held on campus Nov. 1-3.

She noted in a press statement today: “The message I am taking to new University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel, as she celebrates her inauguration today is to maintain her publicly stated commitment of directional aspirations in bringing a collaborative approach to campus through her new administration.”

Cardoza-Moore added: “Far from ‘collaborative,’ the Students For Justice In Palestine is a divisive, well-documented pro terror related hate group that traffics support of Palestine while aggressively disseminating hatred for Israel and a call for the total destruction of Zionism. It targets on campus activities organized to incite harassment and often violence against Jewish and pro Israel supporters. SJP’s one sided approach is to denigrate Jewish and pro-Israel groups on campus, often with accusation of racism, white supremacy and Islamophobia. Open debate of the BDS Movement or Israel-Palestine issues are unwelcomed. The antisemitic rhetoric of SJP is orchestrated to elicit endorsement of Palestinians' cause up to and including the use of terrorism and violence in the achievement of their political goals.”  

The SJP manifesto for the November conference as stated on their website notes the theme: Beyond The Struggle: From Roots to Branches Towards Liberation.  The message will recognize the high level of support the Palestinian cause is now achieving within mainstream politics in America, citing the elections of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, both of whom support the antisemitic BDS movement against Israel. The commentary adds, “The solidarity movement must amplify these calls (for justice for Palestine), demand the end of the Israeli occupation and challenge the notion that justice for Palestine cannot be obtained within a Zionist framework.”

“That this conference is being held on the home turf of Ilhan Omar does not go unnoticed and certainly is not coincidental.  It casts Minnesota in the unflattering role of harboring an alarming   growth image of anti-Americanism running rampant.”

“I am calling upon President Gabel to review SJP’s long record of hatred, condemn it, dis-invite it,  begin a fresh dialogue that discourages antisemitism on campus in all its virulent forms, protect Jewish and Zionists students on campus, and brings her avowed vision of peaceful collaboration to the University of Minnesota.  Peace cannot exist where SJP takes root.”


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