PJTN Weekly Report: A Message From The Desk of President Reagan

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PJTN Weekly Report: A Message From The Desk of President Reagan


As I am writing this, I am just boarding a plane to leave California after this week’s meetings with the Reagan Library.

Very exciting things are at hand as PJTN explores our possible collaboration in 2022. Our mutual goal is to bring Reagan's values in education back to the forefront in today’s classrooms. As we look at the disaster we are now facing in our children’s education, it’s obvious the time has never been more crucial for the demand for “change!”

President Reagan was passionate about change. In his address at Seton Hall University in the spring of 1983, he said that the answer to the problems in America’s schools lay in demanding “excellence” and in improving the quality of teaching. The way to do this, he offered, was to use merit pay so that teachers could be rewarded for excellence. The common-sense appeal of “merit pay” was extraordinarily powerful. Who could be against merit and rewarding excellence? WHO could be, were, and still are against it are the teachers’ unions! Fast forward nearly 40 years and the National Education Association (NEA) still oppose the Reagan concept as they now virtually hold America’s children, parents and classrooms hostage to unreasonable demands, “woke” curriculum, and a decline in the quality of education that now threatens our children’s future, and America’s position of leadership in the world.

The phrase “everything old is new again” resounds in the wisdom we must recapture from President Reagan’s values on education! Fashions, trends, TV programs—all are subject to reruns. I encourage all who are too young to remember the Reagan Era to research his wonderful leadership and his strong stand for American excellence in education.

We must turn back the clock in 2022.

Closing with a photo of an exciting moment for me this week at the Reagan Library: sitting at the presidential desk that our 40th President used during his term in the Oval Office. Note his red hotline phone, an ever-present jar of jellybeans, and the Reagan placard “It CAN Be Done.” An awe-inspiring moment for me.

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Blessings, Laurie



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Julie Aftab survived to tell her story.

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