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A Message from Laurie: PJTN is Helping Return America to Reagan Values in Education

Dear Friends,

Please take a moment today to hear Laurie’s update on the much-appreciated donations made to PJTN on "Giving Tuesday" and the opportunities that remain to be a much-needed part of sponsoring PJTN with your ever-important “year-end giving.” PJTN is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and each dollar given is a tax-deductible gift.

What do your dollars do? They are currently at work to help our mission of Taking Back America’s Children and securing our next generation of leadership in America.

Laurie this week in the Media Room at the Reagan Institute, Washington, DC

Laurie was in DC this week for a meeting with the Reagan Foundation and is traveling to Los Angeles next week to meet with the Reagan Library. Ahead in 2022, we are working towards a major alliance to usher in a tremendous opportunity for PJTN to partner with those guarding the Reagan legacy and his philosophy for America. PJTN has long honored the heritage of the Reagan presidency. This new opportunity being given to PJTN to help return our nation to Reagan's vision of the lofty position as the “Shining City On The Hill” to this new generation of children is an honor beyond measure. Having PJTN's Taking Back America’s Children campaign recognized for its educational integrity in connection with President Reagan's dedication to American values is truly a shining hour for the PJTN work you are supporting.

We will have more details on this and how you can partner with PJTN to help “turn the tide” for America in 2022. Your dollars will be well invested and your support will make a difference for our children!


Please know that your support of PJTN makes all we do possible.

The need for funding is urgent.

We are a 501c3 non-profit with a small staff and a 24/7 agenda! Maintaining national footing on the major issues we champion comes at a tremendous cost during these challenging times. We cannot do it without you. Thank you, in advance, for your best financial gift. Monthly gifts and/or one-time donations can be made securely online at www.pjtn.org/donate.

We will continue the march forward with your help, PJTN Watchmen!

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