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Laurie's Message of Encouragement on PJTN's Growing Educational Pushback

The content being peddled to our children through curriculum nationwide is beyond ridiculous! It’s sinister.

Hear Laurie’s report today on PJTN’s on the ground efforts nationwide with updates on the latest news from Tennessee, Florida, and the further development on the Arizona school board official who was exposed for gathering intel on parents.

Our PJTN plan is gaining momentum as we are creating an organized network of concerned parents and patriots working together to stay the hand of the insidious, ever-present threats of "woke” culture curriculum, the antisemitic Black Lives Matter playbook, “social/emotional learning” and the 1619 Project’s rewrite of American history. The list of enemies to the future of America’s children is growing longer daily! Under the cloak of “racism” and “social justice,” legislators, publishers, “educators” and Marxist advocates are busy implementing new curriculum to further captivate our children’s minds with a false narrative, leading to social and spiritual unrest. With the onset of COVID-19, America has experienced tyranny in our country unlike any we have seen in this generation and with it has come more racism and antisemitism than ever before. We must not lose our next generation of leadership in America – our children – to the bleak, godless future being planned for them.

Not on our watch!

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