A Victory this Week in "Taking Back America's Children!"

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A Message from Laurie: A Major Victory

Tuesday night was a major victory for America and a tremendous affirmation of the work we are doing at PJTN!

We got to see in real-time the successful effects of our model strategy as parents, grandparents, and patriotic Americans at the grassroots level all across Virginia mobilized to say with one voice “enough is enough” at the ballot boxes in their local communities. Every community became a force multiplier for the message “We are taking back America’s children!”

This is the PJTN model: County by county, state by state, we can together turn back the tide in education that has threatened the welfare of our children—our next generation of leadership—and the very future of the nation we love.

Tuesday night was a referendum against the things PJTN has been educating parents to reverse. Ultimately, the effects of Critical Race Theory in their children's classrooms led to the list of concerns that brought out the vote to change the course in Virginia. It was a vote fueled by one politician telling citizens, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Really? That governor, as we saw, is now retired thanks to concerned voters who took the future of their children back. More officials, local and national, need to be retired!

PJTN is not a political organization. We are dedicated to helping in the fight for America’s children. We have the strategy and the ground game that worked in Virginia. I encourage you to join us—if you haven’t already done so. Share our message with your friends—your church—help mobilize your community at large.

Become a PJTN “Watchman” for only $20 a month and join us on the frontlines to educate, motivate and activate YOUR community to turn back the tide—as concerned voters in Virginia did this week. We can see victory upon victory, county by county and state by state moving into 2022 and beyond!

Email us at [email protected] and let us know of your challenges and how we can help you to create momentum in your school districts and communities. I will be speaking across the nation throughout 2022—planting seeds to fire up the national campaign for “Taking Back America’s Children.” I hope I’ll see you!

As we’ve seen this week: “Together we can do this, America!” We must unite together to become “force multipliers.”

Thank you for your prayers and support of PJTN, our Jewish brethren, the State of Israel and these United States!



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We will continue the march forward with your help, PJTN Watchmen!

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