Perspective on the Holocaust: It Happened

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Laurie's Message of the Week: There is Only One Truth

Holocaust history is increasingly being rewritten or denied and the rich contributions of the Jewish community in America are being marginalized, diminished or tragically ignored in the education of America’s next generation of leadership in support of Israel—our children.

That was made clear earlier this week when a school administrator in South Lake, Texas was secretly taped in a training session with district teachers, telling them that in instruction on the Holocaust, materials that spotlight the "opposing perspective" must be made available to children. This springs from a new Texas law that requires teachers to present “multiple perspectives” when discussing widely debated and currently controversial issues. This is an outrage!

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower foresaw in seeing the tragedy of the concentration camps first hand in 1945 that the day might come when the horrors of the Holocaust would be denied. That day has arrived.

PJTN is on the march to repeat our success in Florida in all 50 states. Holocaust education must be adopted in every school district in the nation.

Please share Laurie’s message today with your friends and family. What happened in South Lake must not be tolerated as our “new norm.”

Please contact PJTN with any incidents in your school district by emailing us at [email protected] We will respond.

Click Here to access the NBC South Lake coverage on our Texas Chapter Page.


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