We Must Demand "Transparency in Textbooks"

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VIDEO: A Note from Laurie — Transparency in Textbooks

This week I want to bring to the PJTN family an example of what our campaign “Taking Back America’s Children” looks like in real life as it plays out at the grassroots level.

I am applauding Hudson, Ohio Mayor Craig Shubert who made national headlines this week for delivering a bold ultimatum to the members of his city’s Board of Education, telling them to either resign or face potential criminal charges over what he described as “child pornography” in a high school textbook assignment.

The high school seniors at Hudson High were given writing assignments from the controversial book 642 Things to Write About as part of a senior-level course for college credit. Among the choice to write about were recreating pornographic experiences, or graphically taking on the role of a brutal serial killer—and worse on the side of compromising adult scenarios. Noted Mayor Shubert in addressing the school board, "It has come to my attention that your educators are distributing what is essentially child porno in the classroom. I’ve spoken to the judge this evening and you can either resign or face criminal charges.”

The local paper received complaints and excerpts from a mother whose daughter received the book and the assignment. Noted the principal, “We did not exercise due diligence when we reviewed this resource and as a result, we overlooked the content that was not appropriate for our high school audience. We will issue a sincere apology to parents. The school is now in the process of collecting the assigned book, assuring better oversight in the future."

My point? The power of the pushback from parents and concerned patriots, such as this mayor who dared to speak out. We must demand transparency in the instructional materials being dispensed to our children—much of it reflecting information and values that are not reflective of our values. The importance of parents being connected, educated and aware at the grassroots level can’t be over-emphasized! We must speak up and speak out.

Please contact PJTN at [email protected] with any concerns in your school district. Nothing brings transparency like the light of exposure.

Watch Mayor Shubert address the school board here with this clip from CBN News.


Blessings, Laurie


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