A Call to All PJTN Watchmen to Fast and Pray

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VIDEO: Laurie's Heartfelt Message on Afghanistan

I am today coming before our PJTN family of Watchmen to implore you to please join me in fasting and prayer for those Christians and Muslims who are allies of America and are now trapped on the ground in Afghanistan.

Unbelievably the current administration is MIA. As this tragedy unfolds, they have ignored the desperate cries of their own people — our fellow Americans and friends of America who are now in unbelievable peril for their lives as the Taliban go door to door looking for the remnant of Christian and Muslim friends of America who were left behind.

I am asking all who are receiving this message to join me in an “Esther Fast” — three days of fasting and prayer now through Friday evening. Queen Esther, when faced with the perilous decision to approach the King, asked her people — the Jewish people — to fast and pray for three days and nights on her behalf to ask God to give her the courage to face the King and intercede for her people.

Three days of fasting became a rallying cry to God for salvation of the nation. The whole nation united behind Esther and God indeed heard and answered their prayers.

I have been contacted from a high level and asked to offer prayer and support to a modern day “Queen Esther” who is pleading as we speak for the safety and freedom of those left behind in Afghanistan. There is a King involved — a world leader — who has the capability of exacting a solution to help free those in peril. We must seek God for favor on these efforts!

It is a very difficult time in America — one, unlike anything we have seen. Our oath as a nation to “leave no man behind” has been desecrated. As we stand in the shadow of the 20-year commemoration of terrorists invading our airspace to enact an unthinkable toll of death and tragedy on 9/11, we face a new threat of terrorism empowered by our government.

Like the Jews in the days of Esther, we must implore God’s mercy for our nation and those brothers and sisters — and friends of America — who we are praying God will deliver safely back to our shores.

PJTN Watchmen, please join me in fasting and prayer through sunset on Friday. Please share this message. Please pray for favor for Queen Esther as she speaks to the King. Please email me and let me know you are standing, praying and seeking God for the nation we love and for those who are crying out for our help and their freedom.

God bless you and God bless America,



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