What's Dangerous to our Children in the 1619 Curriculum?

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VIDEO: Who Cares about the Puritans?

We must fight against the push for the 1619 Project to be taught in American schools. Why? It is a fabrication of our history. It begins by both dismissing and delegitimizing the importance of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620, which is the essential, central component of American liberty. The Puritans braved the journey from persecution in Europe to cross the ocean and establish a brave new land. These people valued Jewish precepts from the Hebrew Bible and sought to build the new America on Judeo-Christian values. Their story of America’s founding is the essential, central component of American liberty that is no longer being taught in America’s classrooms.

Instead, among the many lies, the 1619 Project would have our children believe that the 1619 arrival of blacks in Virginia was the foundation of the founding of an America built on hatred and slavery—not liberty. The abuse and rewriting of history in the 1619 Project present Abraham Lincoln as a white supremacist who hated blacks, against the overwhelming evidence of his long-standing commitment to their civil rights and human dignity. His presidency culminated in one of the greatest emancipations in human history, as well as planting the seeds for the passage of the 13th Amendment which would finally abolish slavery in America.

Brick by brick, there’s an agenda underway to dismantle the America we know and love—not by moving stones but by rewriting our history chapter by chapter and teaching it to our next generation of leadership: our children.

Every generation of Americans has built upon the traditions of liberty planted by the Puritans at Plymouth. That is the foundational history of America. We must not allow it to be torn down or erased.

Please join me this week on our podcast broadcast of “Proclaiming Justice” as we unfold the real truth of America—this week’s podcast will highlight the importance of the Puritans at Plymouth.

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