Prepare To Get Educated As PJTN Helps You Welcome The New School Year

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VIDEO: Laurie updates us this week on the major focus of PJTN as we approach the fall season — to get our PJTN Watchmen educated, motivated, and activated to make Fall 2021 a game-changer in our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign!

Who knows what parents will be facing within the next few weeks? A return to mask mandates, virtual learning, boycotts by teachers, or directives by teacher unions not to follow bans on Critical Racial Theory in states where the curriculum has been bannedAmerican education has become the Wild West!

One of the most important things we know at PJTN is that all change begins at a grassroots level.County by county and state by state,we have educated citizens ready to stand up for their values and push back on the unacceptable being forced upon our children. Whether sowing racial hatred, sex education, training our children as social justice warriors for issues they are too young to even comprehend, fostering antisemitism on campusesthe challenges are everywhere. Even if you don’t have children, as a taxpayer, you must be concerned with the course America is takinga course far from the original map our Founding Fathers intended as one nation under God. As a non-profit, we cannot tell you who to vote for, but we can equip you to preserve and protect your values and the future of your children.

PJTN is planning a comprehensive learning course to help you meet these challenges.Beginning with how to establish a relationship with your school and school board members at the local levels, Laurie and the PJTN team will walk you into the new school year equipped to make a change. Coming out of the uncertainty of Covid, the time to enact change is now! PJTN is here to bring the “education, motivation, and activation” parents need to engage at the local level. 

Laurie is setting up an online teaching course for our Watchmen, as well as launching a podcast of “Taking Back America’s Children”— marching orders that will equip you to represent and demand the change we need to protect our next generation of American leadership, our children! 

Stay tuned!



In this week’s podcast, Laurie interviews Joshua Washington. Joshua is an influential young Black Christian Zionist leader whose voice is being heard nationally and whose mission is to educate future young Black Christian leaders about their responsibility to stand with Israel and our Jewish brethren against the rising threat of the antisemitic BDS movement and the challenge to reach young black leaders for Zion in a sea of disinformation. Joshua is the Director of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI) and is a featured collaborative writer on the impactful new book Israelophobia and the West: The Hijacking of Civil Discourse on Israel and How to Rescue It.

Listen to Episode 20


“Next Gen PJTN" this week takes on Ben & Jerry’s. Our young and daring video department has chosen to break the “cone” of silence surrounding why Ben & Jerry chose to end their ice cream sales in the "occupied area of Israel.” It’s actually being occupied by the descendants of those to whom God gave the land originally—the Israelites. Ben & Jerry yesterday spoke out on what they term “was necessary to take steps to align their business operations with their progressive values." How should their boycott be seen as anything but BDS Israel hatred? They say, "We are not anti-Israel but this is a part of our long history of being pro-peace."


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