Laurie speaks from The House Chamber On Capitol Hill

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Laurie speaks from the House Chamber on Capitol Hill in Nashville, TN about her new role in education!

Laurie is on the countdown to her pending appointment to the Tennessee Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission. Her appointment has passed the House vote and is now anticipating passage next week in the TN State Senate. This is a milestone to her dedicated work for America’s children! PJTN Watchmen, your support made it possible! With PJTN’s influence reaching nationally with our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign, Laurie’s position on the Commission in Tennessee will offer even more impact in representing quality textbook content for students and transparency for parents in their children’s education. Thank you for your prayers and support!


In this week's podcast, Laurie offers listeners a broadcast dedicated to Israel’s observance on April 7-8 of “Yom HaShoah” – a time set aside in Israel as the Day of Holocaust Remembrance of the lives and heroism of the more than 6 million Jews and 5 million others who were lost in the darkest event in human history. This is a podcast to share with your children…we must “never forget.”

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Recommended reading link this week is a fascinating cultural portrait from Tablet Magazine on the topic “Are Educated People More Antisemitic?”

After you read the article, click here to see a controversial new video short on this topic from “Next Gen PJTN” producers:

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