Bill Gates Lights The Way To Destruction In Education

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Laurie shines the light on Bill Gates’ road to destruction for America’s children!

From vaccines to climate change to the education of America’s children, Bill Gates’ billion dollar checkbook has “bought” the future course of America! His latest intrusion into our lives tells us “mathematics is racist!”

He has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to politicians and institutions in an attempt to find influence for his radical agendas. He is succeeding at a frightening pace. Critical race theory is a pet Gates project.

We are being told it is racist to expect correct answers in math from students. The concept leads to white supremacy. Like Alice, America is falling down a rabbit hole of Bill Gates’ design! Our children are being used as guinea pigs for a radical agenda on a crash course to disaster! Watch Laurie’s message…


In this week's podcast, Laurie discusses the vision and the mission of PJTN—a must listen!

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