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Ladies and gentlemen, as I noted in today’s video, I have been on the ground this week in California on a PJTN mission to show support for Israel and the Jewish brethren at a live speaking event in Los Angeles, as well as to add the weight of our influence in meetings on strategies against the passage of the “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum,” now making national headlines. 

As I’ve communicated for months, the initial presentation draft of this curriculum was filled with blatant Jew hatred and a multiple of vile examples of anti-Semitism.

Good news to report. Californians, to their credit, have taken note and responded! Of the estimated 57,000 plus comments registered by the public with the California Board of Education, more than 30,000 responders noted the offense they found in the marginalization and the outright hostility towards the Jews and the Jewish culture presented in the teaching materials. A definite positive towards the rejection of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. While we can appreciate the ground gained in the battle, we must not lose the war!

Here’s the unfortunate fact: The progressive education movement in America, which is the movement now entirely responsible for the administration of our nation’s school system, are propelled by the motivation that government should use the educational system to renovate society from the bottom up—engineering thoughts, values, and habits of students to make them more pliable and useful to the state. It’s a subversive war with parents for the minds, hearts, and souls of their children. Our next generation of leadership and the future of America is the prize. 

I am calling on every Christian, Jew, and person of good conscience within the realm of PJTN influence to join us in the push back!

PJTN will continue to work on the ground in California to halt the passage of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.  I encourage PJTN California Watchmen to sound the alarm—be vocal and victorious in letting your opposition be heard!  Since California is the “test lab” for the acceptance of “radical agenda” being launched nationally, I encourage everyone to go to our PJTN website and add your name to the petition to “just say NO!” Your voice is your vote on your children’s future! This is a war we cannot afford to lose….

Prayers are appreciated from and for California…


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PJTN SUGGESTED READING VIA NATIONAL REVIEW: "California’s Radical, Bigoted, Completely Nonsensical Ethnic-Studies Plan"

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