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THE POWER OF ONE!” (Hear Laurie’s message)…


What’s happening in California with the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom is proof of one of my favorite concepts:  “The power of one!” It took individual citizens uniting with one purpose—to compile a million and a half votes—all calling for change from the repressive hand of tyranny that’s become the standard in California.  The voice of California's citizens is resonating across the country, inspiring citizens in New York to organize a recall of Governor Cuomo for his utter failure in protecting the citizens during the spread of the China virus.

“We The People” hold the power for change in America –we must never forget that principle and the right we hold to exercise it! 

PJTN has had tremendous impact by successfully mobilizing parents and citizens to remove anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Judeo/Christian rhetoric in American schools. A campaign launched against global publishing giants such as Pearson Publishing succeeded in having anti-Semitic content removed from textbooks used by children in school districts across the US.

Our Current campaign to educate and activate parents/citizens across the state by signing the petition to the California State Board of Education asking them to vote down the antisemitic Ethnic Model Studies curriculum on March 17th! This racially biased, anti-Semitic, anti-America content must be prevented from reaching California classrooms—and subsequently becoming the norm across the nation.   

Please go online to our website today: https://www.pjtn.org/california_etnics_study and add your name to those whose voices are already being heard.  YOU can make a difference!

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We at PJTN today join millions of Americans in mourning the passing of Rush Limbaugh, a true patriot who stood for the Constitution and the belief in the enduring greatness of America. Rush was a voice for a generation, and a thought leader for millions of radio listeners. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

Thank you for linking arms of support around PJTN!  We can only win the battles we face with numbers—as the citizens in California are currently proving. Your financial support is greatly appreciated and most needed during this challenging time.  Please consider your best February gift today.  If you haven’t already, would you consider becoming a PJTN Watchman?  For only $20 per month, you will be standing on the frontlines of all we do. Thank you, again, for your support and prayers.

Great things are possible when we stand as one!

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